The FABC Papers Comprehensive Index

James H. Kroeger, M.M.

FABC Papers No. 100
Papers 1-100 (1976-2001)






The Office of Theological Concerns of the Federation of Asian Bishops’ Conferences recently noted: "One of the signs of the Spirit at work in the Asian Church is the FABC itself, and its various activities. Much has been accomplished and many excellent documents have been produced by various offices of the FABC, but unfortunately, they are little known, even among Asians" (FABC Papers 81: 94). Yes, much of the corpus of FABC material remains a "buried treasure," a "well-preserved secret," an "untapped goldmine."

This comprehensive index is a modest response to addressing the valid critique of the FABC:OTC. A systematic cataloguing of the FABC Papers is long overdue; it now comes at a fortuitous moment. One hundred numbered papers have been published, and, coincidentally, they span a twenty-five year period (1976-2001). Together they represent a wide panorama of subjects, authors, and concerns. They chronicle the marvelous pastoral growth and broad vision of the ever-emerging local Churches of Asia. To explore these FABC Papers is to journey with the community of Churches in Asia and to witness the diverse concerns that FABC has addressed—all under the propitious guidance of the Holy Spirit.

This present document has a very concrete and practical goal: to make the "thesaurus of FABC creativity" readily accessible to all in the Churches of Asia: bishops, pastoral leaders, theologians, seminarians, research students, catechists, religious and laity alike. If much of the FABC wisdom and insight has remained a "closed book," may it now be discovered, enjoyed, and influence both theological reflection and pastoral-missionary praxis. May this index further facilitate the reception of the FABC vision throughout the Asian Churches.

Permit several comments of a practical nature, which, it is hoped, will enable the index to serve its users. This booklet indexes a total of 165 FABC Papers. Several numbers (12, 33, 46, 57, 72, 92) have many individual "sub-papers" (e.g. 12a, 12b, 12c, etc.); these insightful, thematic "sub-papers" were prepared as group discussion guides for FABC Plenary Assemblies II-VII. They are normally identified with a number and a letter; however, in three instances, to avoid confusion, the format employed is the following: 46-l, 72-l, 92-l (to distinguish "el" from "one").

The complete index has three sections: (A) a Narrative Synopsis that notes the author(s), title, year of publication, a 60-80 word summary of content, number of pages, and the ten most prominent subjects treated; (B) an Author Index which gives the author(s) of each paper, though some early discussion guides have been published anonymously; (C) a Subject Index that provides an alphabetical arrangement of the ten dominant subjects of the 165 papers. It is recommended that all three sections be consulted for adequate cross-referencing. Admittedly, there are limitations here, because some papers are lengthy and only the ten most prominent subjects are indexed.

The Subject Index provides nearly 600 different focused subjects/areas; an effort was made to capture the thematic content of each paper. Again, there are limitations; the number of the FABC Papers is given, but individual page numbers are not provided (a nearly impossible task for 165 papers which occupy two linear feet of library shelf-space). Users should proceed from the Subject Index (C) to the Narrative Synopsis (A) to locate the desired material. Future indexes should be completed after the publication of every twenty or twenty-five FABC Papers.

Permit one additional recommendation and evaluative comment. Readers may wish to consult the much-appreciated and well-known books, For All the Peoples of Asia I-II-III (Claretian Publications: Manila; Orbis Books: Maryknoll, New York). These three volumes cover the most important and authoritative FABC documents; they are presented chronologically: I (1970-1991), II (1992-1996), and III (1997-2001). The quality (accuracy and comprehensiveness) of the indexes in these three volumes is rated as follows: I (excellent), II (fair), and III (good). In a word, the FABC documents themselves must ultimately be consulted.

Given the nuances, details, accessibility, and challenges that surround the FABC corpus of material, one must not abandon the quest to imbibe the rich reflection emerging from Asia’s local Churches. Avoid taking the easy path, using the more readily available theological material in "non-Asian" books and journals. Allow the FABC vision (along with the insights of your own local Church) to live, grow, and bear fruit in abundance for Asia’s local Christian and human communities. Discover the FABC vision of "a new way of being Church" in Asia, for all God’s peoples in Asia.

Friends, comments and suggestions, questions, observations and criticisms are most welcome—in the interest of advancing Asian theological-pastoral-missiological reflection. They may be sent directly to the author-indexer ( or to FABC, 16 Caine Road, Hong Kong. Come, Holy Spirit! JHK*

This FABC Papers Index serves also as a reference and resource for the Eighth FABC Plenary Assembly.

*JAMES H. KROEGER, Maryknoll Missioner, is Professor of Systematic Theology, Missiology, and Islamics at the Loyola School of Theology, Ateneo de Manila University, Philippines. He holds Licentiate and Doctorate Degrees in Missiology from the Pontifical Gregorian University, Rome. Kroeger has served mission in Asia (Philippines and Bangladesh) since 1970. He is also President of the Philippine Association of Catholic Missiologists (PACM), Secretary-Convenor of the Asian Missionary Societies Forum (AMSAL), and consultant to the Asian Bishops’ (FABC) Office of Evangelization. His recent books include: Becoming Local Church, The Future of the Asian Churches, and Telling God’s Story (Manila: Claretian Publications).


FABC Papers 1: Alopen. A Christian Alternative. [1976] In Part One the author explores the Chinese Communist or Marxist-Leninist-Maoist vision of humanity and society, asking if the Chinese social reform system can be a model for Christians. Part Two presents the Christian Alternative to life and social structure; the author also gives six helpful conclusions. [30 pages] Subjects: China, Class Struggle, Communism, Liberation, Mao Tse Tung, Marxism, Non-violence, Social Systems, Social Teaching, Violence.

FABC Papers 2: Pedro S. de Achútegui. Harmonious Approach of Christianity to Other Faiths.[1977] This paper presents a short survey of the historical evolution of Christian (Roman Catholic and Protestant) approaches to the followers of living faith traditions; it covers elements of both ecumenism and interreligious dialogue. The survey is inclusive of conferences and documents up to the year 1975. [19 pages] Subjects: Anonymous Christian, Asian Religions, Dialogue, Ecumenism, Paul VI, Pluralism, Religions, Spirituality, World Council of Churches, Vatican Council II.

FABC Papers 3: Mariano G. Gaviola. Conclusions of the Asian Colloquium on Ministries in the Church.[1977] In four sections and 136 numbers, this paper presents the conclusions of a 1977 colloquium in Hong Kong; it is a comprehensive examination of the various ministries and their manifold aspects in the life of the Church in Asia. The background, context, theology, forms, and implications of ministries are carefully explored. This is clearly a foundational FABC document. [31 pages] Subjects: Asian Reality, Charisms, Episcopal Conferences, Formation, Kingdom of God, Laity, Local Church, Ministries, Priests, Women.

FABC Papers 4: (ACUP) Association of Catholic Universities of the Philippines. Pastoral Action in Tertiary Education.[1977] Requested by the FABC, this position paper explores pastoral action and ministry in tertiary education; it is presented in schematic form and includes accompanying guidelines for effective, concrete implementation. [19 pages] Subjects: Chaplaincy, Education, Finances, Libraries, Liturgy, Pastoral Ministry, Philippines, Publications, Student Organizations, Universities.

FABC Papers 5: Marcello Zago. The Proclamation of the Christian Message in a Buddhist Environment.[1977] This paper is a presentation in fundamental or basic categories of a "first proclamation" of the Christian faith to Buddhists; it examines Buddhist perceptions of Christian teachings, criteria for conveying the Christian message intelligibly to Buddhists, and a biblical-catechetical approach to presenting the kerygma in a Buddhist context. [29 pages] Subjects: Absolute, Bible, Buddhism, Catechesis, Conversion, Eightfold Path, Four Noble Truths, Kerygma, Siddharta Gautama, Transcendence.

FABC Papers 6: Julio X. Labayan. The Bishops’ Institutes for Social Action (BISA) of the FABC.[1978] In 1974-1975 three BISAs were held in Manila, Tokyo, and Kuala Lumpur. This presentation includes a synopsis of the history and evolution of these BISAs by Labayan and Mansap. This booklet also includes a paper on "Strategies of Action for Justice" by Balasuriya and a list of BISA I-II-III participants. [37 pages] Subjects: Asian Bishops’ Meeting, Consciousness-raising, FABC:OHD, John XXIII, Mahatma Gandhi, Non-violence, Option for the Poor, Social Action, Social Sin, Signs of the Times.

FABC Papers 7: Various Authors. The Encounter of the Gospel with Culture: A Short Symposium.[1978] Three papers on inculturation are included in this booklet: Divarkar explores the history and challenges of inculturation; Zago investigates the respective roles of the universal and local Church; Bulatao analyzes culture and inculturation from the perspective of the behavioral sciences; three Jesuits (Reilly, Wilcken, and Claver) comment on the Bulatao paper. [36 pages] Subjects: Buddhism, Culture, Evangelii Nuntiandi, Incarnation, Inculturation, Local Church, Mission, Missionaries, Paul VI, Vatican Council II.

FABC Papers 8: Robert Hardawiryana. The Service of Faith in East Asia: Directions in Mission. [1978] This is a comprehensive presentation of mission in contemporary East Asia in four parts: description of the East Asian scene; Church realities in the area; theological reflection on faith and justice; specific and practical areas of mission service. There is an integration of the teaching of the Universal Church with the insights of Asian bishops, Churches, and theologians. [58 pages] Subjects: Development, Dialogue of Life, Evangelii Nuntiandi, Justice, Justice in the World, Local Church, Modernization, Paschal Mystery, Poverty, Structural Change.

FABC Papers 9: Various Authors. In the Philippines Today: Christian Faith, Ideologies … Marxism. [1978] These eight papers, mostly by Jesuit authors, first appeared as Loyola Papers No. 10 (Manila); they deal with Christianity’s "encounter with Marxism," the cooperation of Christianity and Marxism, and the ideologies of liberation. While the problematic has a Philippine context, it is of interest and relevance for all local Churches of Asia. [134 pages] Subjects: "Christian-Marxists," Church of the Poor, Class Struggle, "Critical Collaboration," Evangelization, "Instrumentalization," Justice in the World, Political Options, Structural Analysis, Violence.

FABC Papers 10: Ichiro Okumura. The Christian Contribution to the Life of Prayer in the Church of Asia.[1978] This is a position paper for the Second FABC Plenary Assembly in India in 1978; it explores the relationship between Eastern and Western prayer, noting differences and the consequences of these approaches. The presentation also probes the underlying spirituality and essentials of each Asian religion. [31 pages] Subjects: Asceticism, Buddhism, Contemplation, Eastern Spirituality, Inculturation, Meditation, Prayer, Prayer of the Heart, Spirituality, Suffering.

FABC Papers 11: Ignatius Hirudayam. Prayer in Asian Traditions.[1978] As one of two positions papers (see FABC Papers 10) of the Second FABC Plenary Assembly in 1978, this piece is a very technical study of prayer (its vocabulary, forms, performance, etc.) in several Asian traditions. An attempt is made to show linkages between Christian prayer and Asian meditation. [55 pages] Subjects: Bhagavad Gita, Bhakti, Islam, Jnana Marga, Karma, Kenosis, Meditation, Prayer, Upanishads, Vatican Council II.

FABC Papers 12a: Discussion Guide (FABC II). Evangelization, Prayer, and Human Development.[1978] This guide discusses the question: Is there an adequate spirituality in the Church to meet the needs of the times and the changed understanding of the mission of the Church in the world? Scripture, Church documents, and spiritual writers are employed to respond to the question. [13 pages] Subjects: Asian Religions, Evangelization, Holy Spirit, Ideology, Poor, Prayer, Social Action, Social Teaching, Spirituality, Thomas Merton.

FABC Papers 12b: Discussion Guide (FABC II). Christian Prayer and Interreligious Dialogue: Enrichment of Christian Prayer.[1978] This paper is a guide to understanding religion, worship, and prayer life in Asia as well as to describing what impact other faiths and interreligious dialogue have on Christian prayer; concrete questions are posed to facilitate discussion and various steps for implementation are explored. [20 pages] Subjects: Communion, Interreligious Dialogue, Liturgy, Local Church, Mahatma Gandhi, Modernization, Popular Religiosity, Prayer, Soteriology, Syncretism.

FABC Papers 12c: Discussion Guide (FABC II). Education for Prayer in the Catholic Schools of Asia. [1978] This brief paper explores how the Catholic school, which is an important part of the Church in Asia, can fulfill its mission of education as well as lead students to a meditative and reflective way of living (which includes prayer). [8 pages] Subjects: Abba, Asian Soul, Beatitudes, Catechesis, Christian Community, Education, Pluralism, Saints, Schools, Youth.

FABC Papers 12d: Discussion Guide (FABC II). Seminaries and Religious Houses as Centers of Formation for Prayer in the Asian Context.[1978] Here one finds a brief overview of the goals of formation in Asian seminaries and religious houses in reference to vocation, community living, self-discipline, holiness, and Eucharist; all these elements demand an awareness-in-faith deepened only through a mature prayer life. [6 pages] Subjects: Community, Covenant, Discipline, Emmanuel, Eucharist, Formation, Holiness, Mission, Seminary, Vocation.

FABC Papers 12e: Discussion Guide (FABC II). Prayer as Witness in the Everyday Life of the Church of Asia.[1978] This presentation is a discussion of prayer in Asian daily life through six aspects: Prayer as Witness; Practice of Prayer in the Religions of Asia; Church as a Community of Prayer; Witness and Service Flow from Prayer; Mutual Religious Encounter through Shared God-Experiences; Prayer that Attracts Asians. [12 pages] Subjects: Asceticism, Enlightenment, God-Experience, Holiness, Interiority, Saints, Service, Transcendence, Witness, World Religions.

FABC Papers 12f: Discussion Guide (FABC II). Prayer, Community Worship, and Inculturation.[1978] This is a brief reflection on the personal and communitarian nature of Christian prayer; reflection questions probe the depth of inculturation of Christian prayer in the Asian context. [4 pages] Subjects: Christ-event, Holy Spirit, Inculturation, Mystery, Our Father, Paschal Mystery, Prayer, Symbol, World, Worship.

FABC Papers 13: FABC II Documents. Prayer—The Life of the Church of Asia.[1978] This booklet contains the six essential documents related to the Second FABC Plenary Assembly held in India in November of 1978: Inaugural Address by D. Simon Lourdusamy; FABC II Final Statement and Recommendations; Workshop Report Summaries; Briefer Version of the FABC II Final Statement; List of Participants; Daily Prayer for Asia. [43 pages] Subjects: Asceticism, Episcopal Conferences, Eucharist, Interreligious Dialogue, Local Church, Popular Piety, Prayer (Techniques), Seminary, Signs of the Times, Silence.

FABC Papers 14: Robert Hardawiryana. The Growing Church amid Various Religious and Cultural Traditions and Contemporary Ideologies: The Ecumenical Task in Asia. [1979] This paper, originally presented to an international congress of ecumenists, gives a comprehensive overview of the Church’s approach to her "ecumenical" task in Asia; it is developed in three sections: description of the life-situations in Asia; synopsis of the actual position of the Church in Asia; and, the main features of ecumenism in Asia. [47 pages] Subjects: Basic Ecclesial Communities, Ecumenism, Harmony, Inculturation, Integral Evangelization, Local Church, Ministries, Orthopraxis, Paul VI, Pluralism.

FABC Papers 15: D. S. Amalorpavadass. Gospel and Culture: Evangelisation and Inculturation.[1979] This paper is an enlightening overview of the task and challenge of "Inculturated Evangelisation" presented in six themes: Relation between Gospel and Culture; Bases of Authentic Inculturation; Role of Tradition; Selection of Local Elements; the Church’s Universality; Practical Conclusions. The paper shows convincingly that inculturation is a missionary imperative. [51 pages] Subjects: Catholicity, Evangelization, Hinduization, Incarnation, Inculturation, Local Church, Mission, Paschal Mystery, Seeds of the Word, Tradition.

FABC Papers 16: Movement for a Better World. The Church at the Service of the Kingdom of God: A Fundamental Perspective for Mission. [1979] Here one finds a systematic exploration of the relationship between the Kingdom of God, the Church, and Mission; the presentation unfolds in five sections: Kingdom in the Gospel; Kingdom as announced by Jesus and the Church; Kingdom, Church and Non-Christian Religions; Growth of Humanity and the Kingdom; Church as Servant of the Kingdom. [53 pages] Subjects: Abba, Cross, Evangelization of Culture, Kingdom of God, Metanoia, Mission, Orthopraxis, Parousia, Paschal Mystery, Sacrament of Salvation.

FABC Papers 17: Movement for a Better World. The Church at the Service of the Kingdom of God (II): Fundamental Attitudes for Mission.[1979] This document is a continuation of the themes found in FABC Paper 16, concentrating on: developing a new image of Church using Vatican II concepts; a thorough analysis and gospel judgement on the contemporary world; and, a renewed commitment of the Church to cultural transformation in both industrialized and "third-world" countries. [56 pages] Subjects: Capitalism, Communion, Cultural Transformation, Dialogue of Salvation, Kingdom of God, Local Church, Paul VI, Sacrament of Salvation, Secularization, Signs of the Times.

FABC Papers 18: Movement for a Better World. Evangelizing in Today’s World — Fraternity and Poverty: Ways of Evangelization. [1979] This presentation contains materials for a Course in Missionary Animation; they are centered on: Awareness of current world realities and the changing situation; Vision of the Kingdom and building a new fraternity in the Church; Conversion of attitudes toward evangelical poverty; and, Concrete pastoral options for local Churches. [67 pages] Subjects: Church/Kingdom Relation, Evangelization, Fraternity, Global Realities, Holy Spirit, Non-violence, Poverty, Seeds of the Word, "Third World," Violence.

FABC Papers 19: FABC Office of Mission. First Bishops’ Institute for Missionary Apostolate of the FABC.[1979] This short paper is a presentation of the process, content, issues, documents, and participants of the 1978 First Bishops’ Institute for Missionary Apostolate (BIMA I); two key issues were discussed: Who is Christ in the Asian Context? and How can the Servant-Church in Asia better model its mission on the Servant-Christ? [19 pages] Subjects: Asian Religions, Jesus Christ, Local Church, Mahatma Gandhi, Ministries, Mission, Poverty, Sacrament of Salvation, Triple Dialogue, Uniqueness (Christ).

FABC Papers 20: Yves Raguin and Sister Vandana. Consecrated Religious Life in the Church of Contemporary Asia. [1980] Two separate papers by Raguin ("The Renewal of Religious Life in the Light of Asian Mentality and Customs") and Vandana ("Formation of Asian Religious") discuss how formation can be indigenized and inculturated using Asian insights, values, and virtues; Vandana quotes extensively from key authors on this topic. [64 pages] Subjects: Asian Reality, Consecrated Life, Conversion, God-Experience, Holy Spirit, Kenosis, Local Church, Renewal, Silence, Spirituality.

FABC Papers 21: Francis Acharya and Yves Raguin. Interiority: The Foundation of Spiritual Authority in Asian Religious Traditions. [1980] Two authors, Acharya ("The Guru: The Spiritual Father in the Hindu Tradition") and Raguin ("The Spiritual Father, Toward Integrating Western and Eastern Spirituality") address the role of "spiritual guides" in both Christianity and Asian religious traditions. These papers formed part of a Cistercian symposium in 1978 on the theme "Spiritual Masters: East—West." [40 pages] Subjects:Abba, Asceticism, Asian Religions, God-Experience, Guru, Holy Spirit, Interiority, Meditation, Signs of the Times, Spiritual Director.

FABC Papers 22: Patrick D’Souza and International Mission Congress. Church, Mission and the Kingdom of God: A Reflection in Mission Theology.[1980] The contents of this paper are two documents from the International Mission Congress (Manila, December 1979): Keynote Address by Bishop D’Souza ("Church and Mission in relation to the Kingdom of God, especially in the Third World Countries") and Final Message ("The Message of the Delegates of the International Mission Congress"). [35 pages] Subjects: Abba, Church of Silence, Evangelii Nuntiandi, Kingdom of God, Local Church, Martyr, Mission (New Era), "Third World," Thirst for God, Virgin Mary.

FABC Papers 23: Tunis Study Group, BIRA II, and Thomas Michel. Questions Muslims Ask Catholics. [1980] The materials in this paper are three independent pieces on the broad question of Muslim-Christian Relations: Reflections of a Tunis Study Group on common questions Muslims ask Catholics; Statement of FABC: BIRA II on Dialogue with Muslims; Short Islamic Bibliography (English) for Christian Libraries. [58 pages] Subjects: Celibacy, Eucharist, Incarnation, Muhammad, Muslims, Redemption, Theology of Dialogue, Trinity, Virgin Mary, Word of God.

FABC Papers 24: Michael Mansap, BISA IV-V, and Francisco Claver. The Collegiality of the Bishops for Human Development: BISA IV-V. [1981] This paper is a collection of various pieces that address the Church’s role in social action and human development; included are: Brief Introduction by Mansap; Narrative Report and Final Reflection of BISA IV and V; Exposure Report of Philippine Program of BISA V; Spiritual Values and Development by Claver; and, BISA IV and V Participants List. [47 pages] Subjects: Basic Ecclesial Communities, Capitalism, Collegiality, Corruption, Evangelization, Hope, Human Development, National Security Regimes, Paul VI, Social Action.

FABC Papers 25: Stanislaus Lokuang, BIRA I-II. Reaching Out in Dialogue in Asia.[1981] This paper contains the materials emerging from BIRA I and II in 1979: The Forward and Background to Dialogue in Asia written by Lokuang of Taiwan; Narrative Report and Statement-Recommendations of both BIRA I and II; Note of Hope from BIRA II; Participants List of both BIRA I and II. [38 pages] Subjects: Christ-event, Collaboration, Conversion, Dialogue (Motivation), Hope, Life-style, Local Church, Minority, Paul VI, Salvation.

FABC Papers 26: Anthony Selvanayagam, Ken Williams, Joseph Cordiero, Julio Labayan, and Desmond de Souza. The Basic Christian Community in an Islamic Country.[1981] This document presents the papers and reports of a seminar on Christian Community in an Islamic Context held in Malaysia in 1980; included are: short forward by Selvanayagam; brief background by Williams; the three major papers are on: (I) BCCs in a Non-Christian Milieu (Cordeiro), (II) Various Roles in the BCC (Labayan), and (III) Practical Difficulties in the BCC (de Souza). A BCC Typology and Workshop Summaries are included. [49 pages] Subjects: Basic Ecclesial Communities, Catechesis, Challenges (BECs), Eucharist, Formation, Inculturation, Laity, Leadership, Local Church, Spirituality.

FABC Papers 27: Engelbert Zeitler, Pearl Drego, and BIMA II Participants. The Christian Community as the Bearer of the Good News.[1981] Here one finds an overview of the BIMA II gathering; documents consist of: detailed narrative of the meeting; paper by Zeitler on mission lessons from Indian Catholic Church history; paper by Drego on the role of women in the Church; letter from the BIMA II participants; list of all BIMA II participants. [46 pages] Subjects: Consciousness, Conversion, Credibility, Evangelii Nuntiandi, Formation, Integral Evangelization, Local Church, Mission Methods, Missionary Apostolate, Women.

FABC Papers 28: FABC Pan-Asian Assemblies. Searching Out the Future for the Church in Asia.[1982] This paper served as background documentation to guide the participants of the Third FABC Plenary Assembly (Thailand, 1982). Three documents are included: 1970 Asian Bishops’ Meeting; 1974 "Evangelization in Modern Day Asia" (FABC I); 1978 "Prayer—the Life of the Church in Asia" (FABC II) [see FABC Paper 13]. The theme for FABC III (1982) was: "The Church—a Community of Faith in Asia." [39 pages] Subjects: Asian Bishops’ Meeting, Asian Reality, Dialogue, Episcopal Conferences, Evangelization, Local Church, Missionary Formation, Prayer, Radio Veritas, Youth.

FABC Paper 29: Catalino G. Arévalo. The Church as a Community of Faith: Some Points for Reflection at the Third Plenary Assembly. [1982] This is a position paper prepared for the Third FABC Plenary Assembly in 1982 with the theme: "The Church—a Community of Faith in Asia." Arévalo provides a comprehensive outline of the "Community Paradigm" of Church; in brief, this paper is a schema of all the pivotal elements of contemporary ecclesiology. [16 pages] Subjects: Basic Ecclesial Communities, Community of Faith, Cross, Discipleship, Ecclesiology, Eucharist, Evangelization, Local Church, Ministries, Trinity.

FABC Papers 30: D. S. Amalorpavadass. The Church as a Community of Faith in the Asian Context.[1982] This position paper is a three-part essay written for the Third FABC Plenary Assembly to complement the Arévalo essay (see: FABC Paper 29). Part One explores the Indian/Asian experience of religious belonging; Part Two compares and contrasts the Asian experience with the wider Christianity; Part Three asks what spiritual, sociological, and pastoral demands these experiences make upon the Asian Church in terms of discipleship. [28 pages] Subjects: Community of Faith, Culture, Ecclesiology, God-Experience, Harmony, Holy Spirit, Orthopraxis, Poverty, Religion, Silence.

FABC Papers 31: Terence Farias. Muslim Perceptions of Christian Community.[1982] As a position paper for the Third FABC Plenary Assembly, this piece presents Muslim perceptions of Christians. Beginning with a survey-questionnaire with open-ended questions, Farias documents the strengths and weaknesses of Christians, Church leadership and beliefs "through Muslim eyes." Pastoral Guidelines and a short bibliography round out the presentation. [20 pages] Subjects: Bible, Catholic Church, Community, Compassion, Conversion, Mission Methods, Monogamy, Morality, Muslims, Virgin Mary.

FABC Papers 32: FABC Third Plenary Assembly Documents. The Church—A Community of Faith in Asia. [1982] This paper is a collection of the official statements and recommendations of FABC III; it also includes: Letter of John Paul II; Words of Welcome by Aribarg; Assembly Introduction by Gaviola; Opening Remarks by Rozario; Inaugural Address by Lourdusamy. In addition, there are assembly reports, participants list, and prayer experiences. [63 pages] Subjects: Basic Ecclesial Communities, Communion, Community of Faith, Human Development, John Paul II, Laity, Paschal Mystery, Religious Life, Social Communications, Unity.

FABC Papers 33a: Discussion Guide (FABC III). Church Organization in Asia Today. [1982] This is a brief outline of core themes of Church organization in the service of her mission of evangelization. Paper envisions two key themes for discussion: (I) Urgent need to explore new concepts in ecclesiology (not to revert to traditional patterns); (II) Imperative that the Church be seen to promote holiness in her members (not to focus only on its service roles in education, health, and social development). [5 pages] Subjects: Church Organization, Diaspora, Finances, Guru, Holiness, Laity, Leadership, Local Church, Mission, Pluralism.

FABC Papers 33b: Discussion Guide (FABC III). Forms of Christian Community Living in Asia. [1982] This working document, prepared by F. Claver, examines three dimensions of Christian Community Living in Asia today: Problems, Pastoral Solutions, and Implications for Church Life and Praxis. The Church is challenged to become a discerning, speaking, and doing community of faith. [15 pages] Subjects: Christian Community, Church (Models), Community of Faith, Coresponsibility, Dialogue, Discernment, Foreignness (Church), Participation, Pastoral Solutions, Sensus Fidelium.

FABC Papers 33c: Discussion Guide (FABC III). The Diocese and Parish as Communities of Faith. [1982] This is a presentation, authored by F. Claver, of basic "principles of development" for the Church (all levels, including dioceses and parishes) to promote self-renewal; this vision of renewal needs to enter the outlooks, structures, and leadership styles of the entire Church. [15 pages] Subjects: Basic Ecclesial Communities, Clergy, Communion, Diocese, Leadership, Parish, Participation, Reflection Process, Renewal, Vision-Formation.

FABC Papers 33d: Discussion Guide (FABC III). Total Human Development and the Church as a Community of Faith in Asia. [1982] This document, prepared by the FABC Office of Human Development, creatively employs three key segments of Pope John Paul II’s 1981 talk to sugar workers in Bacolod, Philippines; in this framework, it presents Church teaching on total human development, justice, and peace. Probing questions are posed for discussion and action. [8 pages] Subjects: Evangelization, Human Development, Ideology, Injustice, John Paul II, Non-violence, Option for the Poor, Salvation, Women, Workers’ Organizations.

FABC Papers 33e: Discussion Guide (FABC III). The Dialogue of Communities of Faith in Asia.[1982] This paper, authored by Y. Raguin, is a presentation of dialogue as a communitarian, not only an individualistic, commitment and task; in addition, there is a treatment of some doctrinal foundations and practical considerations needed to foster this dialogue process. [5 pages] Subjects: Christian Community, Conversion, Dialogue, Ecumenism, Faith, Mission, Plan of Salvation, Revelation, Salvation, Social Action.

FABC Papers 33f: Discussion Guide (FABC III). Is the Laity the "Marginalized Majority" in the Church? [1982] This short presentation aims at helping the laity to both feel and work as "full members" who truly belong to and are the Church. The focus is not so much on theological theory as it is on pastoral practice and genuine integration within the Church. [8 pages] Subjects: Coresponsibility, Dialogue, Ecclesiology, Episcopacy, Laity, Marginalization, Participation, Power in the Church, Prejudice, Signs of the Times.

FABC Papers 33g: Discussion Guide (FABC III). The Role of Women in the Church as a Community of Faith in Asia.[1982] These workshop materials, prepared by T. Nitorreda, are designed to facilitate a "process-orientated" experience in the sessions. Four interlocking themes are outlined: Status of Women in individual countries; Status of Women in specific local Churches; Status of women in the four Gospels; Plans of Action. The pamphlet includes statistics and bibliography. [25 pages] Subjects: Decade for Women, Education, Employment, Gospel, Health, Local Church, Marriage, Status (Women), Structures (Church), Women.

FABC Papers 33h: Discussion Guide (FABC III). Seminaries and Religious Houses as Centers of Formation of Church as Community of Faith in Asia. [1982] This booklet provides an overview of the complex reality of Asia and the Church as a genuine community of faith in this Asian context; thus, formation in seminaries and religious houses must be tailored to this Asian Church context. Discussion questions conclude the presentation. [8 pages] Subjects: Apostolic Spirituality, Asian Reality, Contextualization, Formation, God-Experience, Pedagogy, Pluralism, Religious Life, Secularism, Seminary.

FABC Papers 33i: Discussion Guide (FABC III). Consecrated Religious Life in Asia as Witness of Church as Community of Faith. [1982] This paper is a presentation of the challenges that consecrated religious life faces in Asia; challenges listed are: Church as a minority; limitations of the Church which are carried into religious life; unclear focus of religious witness; various stumbling blocks. The approaches of dialogue and insertion are to be fostered and implemented. [14 pages] Subjects: Asian Reality, Church (Institution), Consecrated Life, Contemplation, Dialogue of Life, Human Development, Laity, Minority Church, Non-violence, Poverty.

FABC Papers 33j: Discussion Guide (FABC III). The Roman Catholic Church in Asia and the Media of Mass Communications: Press, Film, Radio, and Television. [1982] This booklet, prepared by G. Roberge, gives an overview of the Church’s recent practice and thought regarding the social communications apostolate; much data from the MacBride Report is used. Issues are raised for FABC discussion; they include personnel, types of ministry, particular problems, as well as the Church’s spiritual contribution. [20 pages] Subjects: Development, Evangelization, Film, MacBride Report, Media, Ministries, Radio, Social Communications, Technology, Television.

FABC Papers 33k: Discussion Guide (FABC III). Laity in the Church of Asia. [1982] Using the form of five theses, this presentation by S.J. Emmanuel examines the necessary changes needed to move Asia’s passive laity to involvement as genuine lay apostles in the Church. It is asserted that in-depth catechesis and massive conscientization are needed. [19 pages] Subjects: Asian Reality, Catechesis, Clergy/Laity Relationship, Clericalism, Conscientization, De-Westernization, Discipleship, Laity, Local Church, Spirituality.

FABC Papers 34: Henry Goonawardene, Mervyn Fernando, Pietro Rossano, and Angelo Fernandes. The Summons to Dialogue: A National Seminar on Dialogue and Evangelization. [1983] This pamphlet contains the papers and reports of a national seminar on Dialogue and Evangelization held in Sri Lanka in August 1982. Short overviews are presented by Goonawardene, Fernando, and Rossano; a lengthy, well-documented presentation of the "Summons to Dialogue" is given by Archbishop Fernandes. [42 pages] Subjects: Anonymous Christian, Conscientization, Conversion, Dialogue of Salvation, Holy Spirit, Integral Evangelization, Minority Complex, Paul VI, Theology of Religions, World Council of Churches.

FABC Papers 35: Sixth Bishops’ Institute for Social Action. Challenges to Human Development in the 1980s: Response of the Church in Asia. [1983] Here one finds the essential documents of BISA VI held in Sri Lanka in early 1983. Documents included are: Overview by B. [M.] Mansap; BISA VI Working Paper; Sri Lanka Exposure Report; Jesus Christ in Asia Today by J. Labayan; BISA VI Final Statement; Participants List. A unique piece is Cardinal Kim’s "Reflections on Being a Bishop." [31 pages] Subjects: Asian Social Institute, Basic Ecclesial Communities, Caste, Church of the Poor, Conscientization, Episcopacy, Jesus Christ, Kenosis, Poverty, Spirituality.

FABC Papers 36: Third Bishops’ Institute for Interreligious Affairs. Lead Me to the Real: The Hindu-Christian Dialogue. [1984] This booklet presents an overview of the process, content, papers and documents of BIRA III on Hindu-Christian Dialogue (Madras, India: 1982). Materials included are: Introduction to BIRA III; Meaning of BIRA I-III by M. Duraisamy; "Maturation of the Asian Church" in Dialogue by I. Hirudayam; "Towards a Culture of Wholeness" by M. Amaladoss; "Obstacles to Dialogue" by S. Vikrant; BIRA III Final Statement; and, Participants List. [48 pages] Subjects: Anonymous Christian, Contemplation, God-Experience, Guru, Hinduism, Local Church, Paschal Mystery, Reconciliation, Theology of Religions, Vatican Council II.

FABC Papers 37: Second Asian Justice and Peace Consultation. Our Quest for Justice. [1984] Here one finds a collection of the documents of the Second Asian Justice and Peace Consultation (Hong Kong, 1984). Materials included are: "Forward" (M. Mansap); "Opening Address" (B. Gantin); "The Response of the Church to Asia’s Quest for Justice" (Major Paper by S. Rayan); Eleven Reports of the Justice and Peace Commissions (presented by country); Final Paper; Resolutions; Participants List. [56 pages] Subjects: "Asianness," Local Church, National Security Regimes, Non-violence, Social Analysis, Social Teaching, Suffering, Technology, Witness, World Bank.

FABC Papers 38: FABC Consultation. Christian Presence among Muslims in Asia. [1985] This paper contains key documents from the consultation (India, 1983) sponsored by two FABC Offices (OEIA & OE) to explore Muslim-Christian relations. Materials included are: introductory overview (P. D’Souza); comprehensive paper on recent Church teachings on Christianity in relation to Islam (T. Michel); reports of four thematic workshops; final message; list of consultation participants. [59 pages] Subjects: Christian-Muslim Relations, Crusades, Dialogue of Life, Islam, John Paul II, Muhammad, Paul VI, Prayer, Values, Vatican Council II.

FABC Papers 39: Felix Wilfred and Karl Leveque. Social Action Groups: Harbingers of Hope in Asia. [1985] Two papers and one case study form the contents of this booklet; materials are focused on social action groups and social analysis. Although much material emerges from the Indian context, it is most applicable for Asian local Churches. Wilfred studies the context of these movements and their significance for society and Church. Leveque explores the concept and method of social analysis. One short case study is reported. [40 pages] Subjects: Collaboration, Conscientization, Conversion, Human Development, Laity, Leadership, Local Church, Oppression, Social Action, Social Analysis.

FABC Papers 40: First Bishops’ Institute for Lay Apostolate. Trusting, Entrusting the Laity. [1985] This pamphlet contains the documents from the first FABC-sponsored BILA (Taiwan, 1984); resources included are: welcome remarks (J. Ti-Kang); introduction to the BILA I report; Asian context for lay ministries (A. de Lastic); lay empowerment (F. Claver); three brief presentations (J. Brena, G. Picca, and L. Tsui); Final BILA I Statement; participants list. [43 pages] Subjects: Asian Reality, Church (Models), Clericalism, Ecclesiology, Laity, Lay Missionaries, Local Church, Peace-making, Women, Youth.

FABC Papers 41: Robert Hardawiryana. Building the Church of Christ in a Pluralistic Situation. [1985] This is a five-part presentation of the entire process of building an inculturated Church; the five sections of the paper are: Realizing the Paschal Mystery in Human Society; Responding to Humanity’s Quest for the Saving God; Evangelizing all Men, Every Man, the Whole Man; Maturing unto "the Height of Christ’s Full Stature"; Actualizing Christ’s Mission as a Community of Faith. Pastoral principles are given for each of the five areas. [35 pages] Subjects: Dialogue of Salvation, Evangelization of Culture, Inculturation, Integral Evangelization, Jesus Christ, Ministries, Paschal Mystery, Pluralism, Popular Religiosity, Signs of the Times.

FABC Papers 42: Joseph Komonchak. Towards a Theology of the Local Church. [1986] The author gives a comprehensive presentation of key elements of a theology of local Church in four "thematic chapters": Method for a Theology of the Local Church; Vatican II on the Local Church; Genesis of the Church; Communion of Local Churches. Footnotes and bibliography accompany each chapter. [43 pages] Subjects: Catholicity, Communion, Communion of Communities, Ecclesiogenesis, Ecclesiology, International Theological Commission, Local Church, Mission, Pluralism, Universality (Church).

FABC Papers 43: SVD Missionaries. The "Abba Experience" … A Project in Formation for Mission in the Future of Asia. [1986] These are the papers emerging from a 1986 SVD consultation on missiological education and research; contents are: "Facing the Future: A Missiological Enterprise in the Asia-Pacific Region" (J. Knight); "The ‘Abba Experience’ of Jesus: The Model and Motive for Mission Today" (J. Kavunkal); "Missionary Societies of the 80s and 90s" (E. Mantovani); SVD Consultation Statement; Participants List. [42 pages] Subjects: "Abba," Conversion, Formation for Mission, Holy Spirit, Inculturation, Missiologists, Mission Motivation, Mission Societies, Salvation, SVD Society.

FABC Papers 44: S. J. Emmanuel. Contemporary Catholic Thought on the Vocation and Mission of the Laity in the Church and in the World. [1986] Here one finds a comprehensive presentation of contemporary theology on the laity’s vocation, role, and mission—both in the Church and in the World. Pivotal themes treated are: laity in context (Church and World); recent developments; Vatican II theology; ecclesiological progress; spiritual-apostolic life; the tasks ahead. [42 pages] Subjects: Asian Reality, Ecclesiology, Laity, Local Church, Ministries, Priesthood, Secularity, Spirituality, Vatican Council II, "World-Church."

FABC Papers 45: Felix Wilfred. Sunset in the East? The Asian Realities Challenging the Church and its Laity Today. [1986] This is an enlightening, comprehensive, and well-documented presentation in two parts on both the Spectrum of Asian Challenges (Part One) and How the Church and the Laity can address these same Challenges (Part Two). Extensive footnotes provide excellent bibliographical references. [63 pages] Subjects: Asian Reality, Authoritarianism, Church (Models), Clericalism, Human Rights, Laity, Modernization, Poverty, Public Life, Religion.

FABC Papers 46a: Discussion Guide (FABC IV). The Role and Relationship of the Laity in the Church. [1986] This paper is a brief exploration of the laity’s role in the Church, presented in four sections: the present situation, historical background, recent developments, challenges and recommendations. The presentation is designed with questions to encourage discussion during FABC IV. [18 pages] Subjects: Basic Ecclesial Communities, Church (Models), Conscientization, Ecclesiology, Holiness, Laity, Local Church, Ministries, Secularity, Vatican Council II.

FABC Papers 46b: Discussion Guide (FABC IV). Lay Spirituality. [1986] The material found in this paper focuses on a presentation of the central elements of lay spirituality; six themes are discussed: Basic Theological Presuppositions; Presuppositions about Spirituality; Context or "life-field" of the Laity; Sources of Lay Spirituality; Fundamental Directions of Lay Spirituality; Formation for Lay Spirituality. This clear and helpful presentation is accompanied by workshop questions. [26 pages] Subjects: Asian Religions, Dialogue of Life, Ecclesiology, Formation (Lay), Holiness, Participatory Church, Paschal Mystery, Priesthood, Social Transformation, Spirituality (Lay).

FABC Papers 46c: Discussion Guide (FABC IV). Towards a New Understanding of Women’s Role. [1986] This is a creative overview of the real situation of women in Asian society and in the Church. Insights are presented which challenge the Church to reshape its vision, commitment, and concrete action in addressing women’s role; a transformed understanding is needed in the Church. [19 pages] Subjects: Canon Law, Discipleship, Forgiveness, Girl-child, Holy Spirit, Marriage, Patriarchy, Sexism, Women, Youth.

FABC Papers 46d: Discussion Guide (FABC IV). Laity and Ministry to Youth. [1986] This paper is an overview of the situation of youth in Asia with an exploration of involvement by local Churches in youth ministry; four areas are treated: Situation of Youth; Church Response; Youth Ministry in the Church; Planning for Pastoral Action. Guide questions for discussion are included. [27 pages] Subjects: Disabled, Episcopal Conferences, Family, John Paul II, Juvenile Delinquency, Poverty, Psychological Development, Statistics (Youth), Youth, Youth Ministry.

FABC Papers 46e: Discussion Guide (FABC IV). The Laity in the World of Education. [1986] From the perspective of lay involvement, this pamphlet presents an overview of the situation of Catholic schools and education in Asia. Based on realities, challenges, and a Christian vision, the paper moves toward exploring the "ministry" of education/teaching of Lay Catholics. A questionnaire for a "plan of action" and a bibliography are included. [21 pages] Subjects: Catholic Schools, Curriculum, Education, Educational Associations, Formation, Governments, Justice, Lay Leadership, Participatory Church, Teaching Ministry.

FABC Papers 46f: Discussion Guide (FABC IV). The Asian Laity in the World of Health Services. [1986] This paper is an insightful presentation of the broad area of health services in Asia; the presentation unfolds in two parts: (I) contemporary realities and the challenges-problems that emerge; (II) contribution of the Church in assisting laity in the world of health services. Discussion questions are provided. [22 pages] Subjects: Abortion, Bioethics, Euthanasia, Family Planning, Genetics, Health Services, Hospitals, Medicine, Morality, Sterilization.

FABC Papers 46g: Discussion Guide (FABC IV). The Laity in Mission: The Vocation and Mission of the Laity in the Asian Context Twenty Years after Vatican II. [1986] This is a general overview of the role of the laity in mission; note that the subtitle captures the comprehensive scope of the material presented in this workshop guide. Highlights include: Vatican II on the Laity; Asian Context; Practical Applications. Short discussion questions and bibliography are included. [24 pages] Subjects: Asian Religions, Church (Models), Ecclesiology, Laity, Local Church, Mission (Laity), Priesthood, Secularization, Vatican Council II, Women.

FABC Papers 46h: Discussion Guide (FABC IV). The Laity in Politics and Public Service: A Personal Sharing by an Indian Catholic. [1986] Beginning with a poetic description of India and its many contrasts, this paper presents statistics and the overall Indian environment as well as the challenges of this reality to the Church and Laity’s involvement in politics and public service. Issues for discussion are outlined. [11 pages] Subjects: Church (Minority), Corruption, Environment (Social), Liberation, Mahatma Gandhi, Minorities, Politics, Poverty, Public Service, Statistics (India).

FABC Papers 46i: Discussion Guide (FABC IV). The Laity and the Family. [1986] The paper provides an overview of family life in contemporary Asia; it is presented in four segments: Family as an Agent of Evangelization; Pastoral Care through the Family; Family Life Formation; Christian Sexuality. This comprehensive presentation concludes with points for discussion. [26 pages] Subjects: Divorce, Domestic Church, Evangelization, Family, Family Life Education, Marital Relationship, Marriage, Pastoral Care, Population Control, Sex Education.

FABC Papers 46j: Discussion Guide (FABC IV). The Laity in the World of Work. [1986] This document is a discussion of the contemporary realities of the "world of work" and its impact on human life and civilization; the presentation unfolds in three parts: Modern Degradation of Work; Work as Co-Creation; Toward a "Holy Economy." There is an enlightening discussion on "mechanization" as a root metaphor of the present civilization. Discussion items form the final section of the paper. [11 pages] Subjects: Co-creation, Exploitation, John Paul II, Labor (Sacredness), Labor Unions, Mechanization, Original Sin, Technology, Violence, Work.

FABC Papers 46k: Discussion Guide (FABC IV). Trusting, Entrusting the Laity in Media. [1986] This document is an exploration of the broad field of social communications and the role of the Church and the laity in this critical area of evangelization. Key themes treated are: Church as Communication; Asian Contexts; Pastoral of the Media; Contemporary Realities and Pastoral Strategies. [28 pages] Subjects: Advocacy, Coresponsibility, Dialogue, Local Church, Media, Media Education, Radio Veritas, Social Communications, World Communications Day, Women.

FABC Papers 46-l: Discussion Guide (FABC IV). The Laity in the World of Business. [1986] This is a presentation of the realities and challenges of the business world with emphasis on "social responsibility." Topic areas discussed are: workers, wages, customers, government, ownership, moral principles, profit, and international relationships. A bibliography is supplied, but there are no discussion questions. [14 pages] Subjects: Business, Business Ethics, Investors, Just Wage, Markets, Morality, Privatization, Social Responsibility, Wages, Workers.

FABC Papers 47: FABC IV Documents. The Vocation and Mission of the Laity in the Church and in the World of Asia. [1987] This lengthy paper is a compilation of the official documents of the Fourth FABC Plenary Assembly (Tokyo, 1986). Documents included are: Letter to Delegates (John Paul II); Opening Homily (P. Shirayanagi); Inauguration of FABC IV (A. Selvanayagam); Greeting to Delegates (J. Sanchez); Inaugural Address (E. Pironio); FABC IV Final Statement; FABC IV Workshop Reports; Summary Overview of Plenary Assembly; List of Participants. [83 pages] Subjects: Associations (Lay), Basic Ecclesial Communities, Coresponsibility, Evangelization, Formation (Lay), Paschal Mystery, Spirituality (Lay), Vocation (Laity), Women (Asian), Youth.

FABC Papers 48: FABC Theological Advisory Commission. Theses on Interreligious Dialogue. [1987] This paper is the first presentation of the FABC: TAC; it is on the pivotal area of Interreligious Dialogue. This "Essay in Pastoral Theological Reflection" is composed of an Introduction, Seven closely worded Theses with an extended commentary on each thesis, and Five Pastoral Recommendations. A list of the TAC members and the TAC statutes are provided. [26 pages] Subjects: Conscience, Dialogue, Holy Spirit, Integral Evangelization, Local Church, Paschal Mystery, Plan of Salvation, Pluralism, Reconciliation, Triple Dialogue.

FABC Papers 49: FABC and CCA. Living and Working Together with Sisters and Brothers of Other Faiths: An Ecumenical Consultation. [1987] This pamphlet is a compilation of the documents of the 1987 ecumenical consultation on interreligious dialogue between the FABC and CCA (Christian Conference of Asia). Included are the following: Overview Report (G. Evers); Welcome to Consultation (A. Fernandes); History of FABC Dialogue Initiatives (A. Poulet-Mathis); New Frontiers in Dialogue (F. Wilfred); FABC Group Report (D. S. Amalorpavadass); Consultation Joint Statement; List of Participants. [62 pages] Subjects: Christian Conference of Asia, Conversion, Dialogue of Life, Dialogue (Theology), Dialogue/Mission Relation, Ecumenism, FABC:OEIA, Harmony, Islam, Salvation.

FABC Papers 50: FABC:OE. The Urgency of Christian Mission: The All-Asian Conference on Evangelization. [1988] This document contains selected papers on evangelization in Asia today prepared for said conference held in Korea in 1988. Additional relevant material is included: Inaugural Address (S. Kim); Evangelization Trends (S. Karotemprel); Mission and Salvation (J. Tomko); Mission Urgency (J. Gorski); Emerging Mission Priorities (T. Menamparampil); Conference Statement and List of Participants. [79 pages] Subjects: Anonymous Christian, Evangelizing Church, Integral Evangelization, Jesus Christ, Mission Theology, Mission (Trends/Priorities), Mission (Urgency), Paschal Mystery, Sacrament of Salvation, Salvation.

FABC Papers 51: FABC and Secretariat for Non-Believers (Vatican). Science, High Technology and Faith: The Role of the Catholic Scientist in Asia. [1989] These are papers from a 1988 conference which explored the faith-science relationship; included are the following: Inaugural Address (P. Poupard); Conference Overview (L. Morren); National Reports from India, Korea, and Philippines; Human Values and Science (M. Hurley); Science and Social Justice (F. Claver); the Catholic Scientist in Asia (L. Morren); Conference Recommendations and List of Participants. [73 pages] Subjects: Appropriate Technologies, Compartmentalization, Computer Age, Ethics, Faith, Genetic Engineering, Humanization, Nuclear Power, Science, Technology.

FABC Papers 52: First Asian Institute for Social Action [AISA I]. Becoming the Church of the Poor with Industrial Workers. [1989] The entire experience of AISA I is presented in this booklet. Beginning with a short introduction of the history and vision of FABC involvement in social questions, this report details all four phases of the FABC "Pastoral Spiral" Methodology: Exposure-Immersion, Social Analysis, Theological Reflection, and Pastoral Planning. A short piece on "The Contemplative Dimension of Social Action" is included. [58 pages] Subjects: Church of the Poor, Immersion, NGOs, Pastoral Planning, "Pastoral Spiral" Method, Religiosity, Social Action, Social Analysis, Theological Reflection, Women Workers.

FABC Papers 53: Redemptorist Justice and Peace Secretariat. The Impact of Tourism: Its Challenge to the Mission of the Church in Asia. [1989] This FABC number is a report on a 1989 consultation on the topic "tourism as a religious issue." The reflection process employed was the FABC "Pastoral Spiral" methodology (Exposure-Immersion, Social Analysis, Theological Reflection, Pastoral Planning). Two additional statements on the "theology of tourism" from 1985 and 1989 are presented. R. O’Grady reflects on a "Vision for the Future" in tourism. [29 pages] Subjects: Culture, Discrimination, Ecology, Ethics, Prostitution, Sexuality, "Third World," Tourism, Transnational Corporations, Tribals.

FABC Papers 54: European Ecumenical Assembly. Peace with Justice for the Whole Creation: A Foundational Statement for Ecumenical Cooperation in Asia. [1989] This paper contains the comprehensive, carefully written final document of the 1989 European Ecumenical Assembly (Basel, Switzerland) on peace, justice and the integrity of creation; a forward by H. D’Souza and a letter from John Paul II are included. [40 pages] Subjects: Creation, Discrimination, Ecumenism, Environment, Justice, Marginalization, Peace, Reconciliation, "Sustainable Development," Transnational Corporations.

FABC Papers 55: Felix Wilfred. Asia on the Threshold of the 1990s: Emerging Trends and the Socio-Cultural Processes at the Turn of the Century. [1990] This position paper was prepared for the Fifth FABC Plenary Assembly (1990); it reflects on the dominant trends and socio-cultural processes in the Asian continent against the backdrop of global developments. Five areas are treated: Conflict between the Macro and Micro; From Fragmentation to Integration; Process of Modernization; Progressive Centrality of Culture; Crisis of Survival. [43 pages] Subjects: Democratization, Ethnicity, Globalization, Governance (Models), Hybrid Culture, Modernity, Popular Religiosity, Pluralism, Socio-Cultural Processes, Social Change.

FABC Papers 56: Antonio Lambino. Dialogue, Discernment, Deeds: An Approach to Asian Challenges Today. [1990] This creative position paper was written for the Fifth FABC Plenary Assembly (1990); it assesses the FABC history and experience to ascertain if there is a discernable pattern of response to the various Asian challenges; one finds a marked recurrence of the triad Dialogue-Discernment-Deeds as the FABC approach over its two decades of existence. [12 pages] Subjects: Deeds/Action, Dialogue, Dialogue of Life, Discernment, Local Church, Mission Congress (International), Sensus Fidelium, Signs of the Times, Structures (Church), Trends (Asian).

FABC Papers 57a: Robert Hardawiryana. The Church before the Changing Asian Societies of the 1990s. [1990] This workshop discussion guide comprehensively addresses the Church’s evangelizing mission in Asia; the presentation is done in five sections: Profoundly Changing Asian Societies; Church Witness to the Gospel in these Societies; Dynamics and Strategies for this Involved Witness; Church as a Community "with" and "for" People; FABC Contribution to this Endeavor. Discussion questions are provided; author has added extensive, informative footnotes. [51 pages] Subjects: Asian Society, Dalits, Ecumenism, Evangelization, Human Development, Interreligious Dialogue, Laity, Local Church, Modernity, Social Teaching.

FABC Papers 57b: Catalino Arévalo. The Church in Asia and Mission in the 1990s. [1990] This guide is a summary overview of the response of the FABC spanning a twenty-year period in articulating a theology of Local Church, Mission Theology, and the Church’s Missionary Activity. Images and Models appropriate to the Asian Local Churches are proposed. The paper also includes footnotes, discussion questions, and an Appendix [C. Putranta: "A Brief Survey of the FABC Documents, 1970-1982]. [31 pages] Subjects: Basic Ecclesial Communities, Church (Models), Ecclesiogenesis, Inculturation, Interreligious Dialogue, Local Church, Mission, Mission (Imperatives), Paschal Mystery, Triple Dialogue.

FABC Papers 57c: Adolfo Nicolas. A Spiritual Journey through the Asia of the 1990s. [1990] This discussion guide is a treatment of the realities of Asia during the last decade of the twentieth century (1990s) and how these impact the individual and the kind of "spirituality" (balance, rootedness, integration, belonging, values) needed in these times. In a word, one discovers here a spirituality for the next decade; insightful discussion questions are supplied. [20 pages] Subjects: Asian Reality, Challenges (Asian), Ecology, Global Village, Integration, "Rootedness," Spirituality, Transcendence, Trinity, Women.

FABC Papers 57d: Oswald Hirmer. Alternative Ways of Being Church in the Asia of the 1990s. [1990] This pamphlet is a presentation by O. Hirmer from the Lumko Pastoral Center of various ways of being Church: "Five Stage Models of a Maturing Church" shows the growth stages of local communities; "Gospel Sharing" examines various steps in the process; "Using the RCIA" focuses on faith-transmission across generations. These three brief descriptions of Lumko pastoral programs provide concrete examples of "new ways" of "being Church." [20 pages] Subjects: Basic Ecclesial Communities, Church (Models), Communion of Communities, Ecclesiogenesis, Gospel Sharing, Leadership, Orthodoxy, Parish Council, Participatory Church, RCIA.

FABC Papers 57e: Michael Amaladoss. The Church and Pluralism in the Asia of the 1990s. [1990] As a discussion guide, this pamphlet addresses the reality in Asia of many pluralisms (not only the pluralism of religion); these pluralisms (economic, social, political, and religious) affect the Church and her concrete task of mission. Pastoral suggestions, discussion questions, and helpful footnotes are provided. [19 pages] Subjects: Harmony, Ideology, Kingdom of God, Modernity, Pluralism, Prophecy, Secularization, Tribals, Trinity, Unity/Diversity.

FABC Papers 57f: Ramon Reyes and Michael Masson. A Subject of Dignity and Rights: The Emerging Individual in Asia. [1990] These two papers address the broad area of human dignity and human rights. R. Reyes in "Respect of the Human Person: Human Rights" speaks of the "human person," his identity and dignity and the mission of the Church in this area; M. Masson in "Human Rights in the Chinese Tradition: A Case Study" presents three representative Chinese thinkers on "human rights" and identifies some important issues in the debate. [24 pages] Subjects: Chinese Thought, Conscience, Environment, Harmony, Human Dignity, Human Rights, International Theological Commission, Morality, Philosophy, Social Teaching.

FABC Papers 57g: Yvon Ambroise and John Locke. Religious Fundamentalism and Revivalism: A Challenge in the Asia of the 1990s. [1990] The two papers in this booklet discuss the broad area of fundamentalism and its challenge to the Asian Churches. Y. Ambroise in "The Meaning and Causes of Fundamentalism" analyzes the many forces that cause the emergence and the sustenance of religious fundamentalism; J. Locke offers "Some Reflections on the Phenomenon of Fundamentalism," exploring the dynamics that contribute to this phenomenon and how the Church can respond. [24 pages] Subjects: Capitalism, Caste, Colonialism, Elitism, Fundamentalism, Ideology, Modernization, Revivalism, Signs of the Times, Vatican Council II.

FABC Papers 57h: Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Japan. The Church and the Quest for Peace in the Asia of the 1990s. [1990] This short discussion guide explores the main characteristics of Asia, the questions they pose for the Church in Asia, and the role of the Asian Church as an instrument of harmony. A creative use of Micah 6:8 ("act justly, love mercifully, walk humbly") explores the sources of disharmony and areas of a Church response to promote peace. [12 pages] Subjects: Ecology, Global Realities, Harmony, Leadership, Low Intensity Conflict, Marxism, Peace, Pollution, Popular Movements, Violence.

FABC Papers 58: Bienvenido Nebres and Robert Hardawiryana. The Church in Asia and Politics: Two Case Histories in Asia. [1990] These two papers discuss the complex topic of the Church’s involvement in the political arena. B. Nebres ("The Church and Politics") presents a summary of Church teaching and how it can guide concrete decisions; he uses the Philippines as an illustration. R. Hardawiryana ("The Involvement of the Laity in Politics") highlights the contribution of Catholic laity to socio-cultural life, politics in particular, in the history and current situation of Indonesia. [52 pages] Subjects: Church/State Relations, "Critical Collaboration," Ideology, Indonesia, Laity, Philippines, Political Structures, Politics, Radio Veritas, Social Teaching.

FABC Papers 59: Fifth FABC Plenary Assembly. The Emerging Challenges to the Church in Asia in the 1990s: A Call to Respond. [1990] This booklet contains the essential documents of FABC V (1990: Bandung, Indonesia); the following are included: Letter to the Delegates (John Paul II); Welcome (M. Sjadzali); Greeting (R. Vidal); Inaugural Address (J. Tomko); Final Statement of FABC V; Reports of the Eight Workshops; Narrative Report on the Assembly; List of Participants. [96 pages] Subjects: Basic Ecclesial Communities, Dialogue, Fundamentalism, Harmony, Integral Evangelization, Local Church, Mission Motivation, Proclamation, Sacrament of Salvation, Triple Dialogue.

FABC Papers 60: FABC Theological Advisory Commission. Theses on the Local Church: A Theological Reflection in the Asian Context. [1991] This paper is the second presentation of the FABC:TAC (see FABC Papers 48); it treats the pivotal subject of Local Church. This closely written document has an Introduction, Clarification of Terms, Fifteen Theses [Biblical Foundations: 1-4; Birth, Life and Mission of the Local Church: 5-15 (includes several sub-themes)], Conclusion, Pastoral Corollaries, and Recommendations. This is an important contribution of Asia to the entire Church. [58 pages] Subjects: Basic Ecclesial Communities, Catholicity, Communion of Communities, Ecclesiogenesis, Eucharist, Evangelization, Inculturation, Local Church, Paschal Mystery, "Third World."

FABC Papers 61: James Kroeger. Mission Today: Contemporary Themes in Missiology. [1991] This booklet contains three papers by one author on important, though diverse, areas in contemporary mission thought. The titles reflect well the content of the papers: "Aware We Are Sent: Exploring a Spirituality for Mission"; "God’s Universal Rainbow Covenant: Relating Scripture with World Religions"; and, "Awakening to the Spirit: Linking Missiology and Pneumatology." [30 pages] Subjects: Consciousness, Covenant, Evangelization, Holy Spirit, Missiology, Mystery/Mysterion, Religions (World), Spirituality, Trinity, Universalism.

FABC Papers 62: Domenico Colombo. Another Gospel for Asia? [1991] This presentation is an exploration of mission and evangelization in contemporary Asia. Church documents (Dialogue and Proclamation; Redemptoris Missio), Asian theologians, as well as FABC statements and conferences form the basis for this examination of pivotal mission themes in Asia (e.g. dialogue, conversion, local Church, salvation, Kingdom, Jesus Christ and the Paschal Mystery). [33 pages] Subjects: Asian Reality, Conversion, Dialogue of Salvation, Evangelization, Gospel, Jesus Christ, Kingdom of God, Local Church, Paschal Mystery, Salvation.

FABC Papers 63: FABC Theological Advisory Commission. Asian Theological Perspectives on Church and Politics. [1992] This paper, published in 1992, is a comprehensive examination by the FABC:TAC of the role that Asia’s local Churches play in civil society and politics. The presentation unfolds in three thematic sections: The Socio-Political Situation; The Church’s Response; Pastoral Recommendations. The document includes much concrete data on local Asian situations and practical ideas on how the Church can be the "Sacrament of the Kingdom" in Asia. [49 pages] Subjects: Asian Reality, Ecumenism, Kingdom of God, Local Church, Mahatma Gandhi, Minority, Option for the Poor, Politics, Prophecy, Spirituality.

FABC Papers 64: Jacques Dupuis and FABC Conferences. A Persistent Vision: The Primacy of Proclamation in FABC Statements. [1992] One article by J. Dupuis and three FABC-sponsored conferences elucidate the understanding of the Church’s role in evangelization in Asia. Materials included are: "FABC Focus on the Church’s Evangelizing Mission in Asia Today" (Dupuis); "Evangelization in Asia Today" (Korea, 1988); "Conclusions of FABC: OE Consultation" (Thailand, 1991); "Message of the FABC Asian Congress on Evangelization" (Philippines, 1992). [39 pages] Subjects: Conversion, Integral Evangelization, Kingdom of God, Local Church, Mission Motivation, Mission (Urgency), Paschal Mystery, Pluralism, Proclamation, Triple Dialogue.

FABC Papers 65: FABC Colloquium. The Social Doctrine of the Church: Foundation for a New Evangelization in Asia. [1992] This presentation contains selected papers from the FABC Colloquium on the Social Doctrine of the Church in the Context of Asia. One finds papers by A. Rogers, S. Hamao, O. Quevedo, R. Etchegaray, and G. Lobo. Pastoral Recommendations are made by each of the six FABC Offices. The colloquium final statement is included: "Walking Humbly, Acting Justly, Loving Tenderly in Asia." [37 pages] Subjects: Basic Ecclesial Communities, "Being Church," Conscientization, Debt, Fundamentalism, Minorities, Non-violence, Peace, Social Justice, Social Teaching.

FABC Papers 66: Asian Congress on Evangelization. People Everywhere: Open the Door to Christ! [1993] This booklet contains partial documentation of the 1992 Asian Congress on Evangelization, held in Manila, Philippines. Seven documents are included: "Welcome" (C. Morelos); "Papal Message" (A. Sodano); "Introduction" (T. Menamparampil); "Asia’s Need for Christ" (S. Kim); "The Need for a New Evangelization," (T. Bacani); "A Spirituality for Evangelization" (R. Cantalamessa); "The Message of the FABC Asian Congress on Evangelization." [45 pages] Subjects: Conversion, Ecclesial Movements, Evangelization, Jesus Christ, Laity, Mission Motivation, Mission (Urgency), Mother Teresa, Participatory Church, Suffering.

FABC Papers 67: Jacques Dupuis and Michael Fitzgerald. The Church, the Reign of God, and the "Others." [1993] This number includes two papers that discuss a Catholic Theology of Religions. "The Church, the Reign of God, and the ‘Others’" is by J. Dupuis; "Other Religions in the Catechism of the Catholic Church" is by M. Fitzgerald. Both presentations, accompanied by numerous footnotes, alert readers to the nuances in theology and missiology that are essential to understand accurately the Church-Kingdom-"Others" relationship. [48 pages] Subjects: Catechism of the Catholic Church, Ecclesiology, Holy Spirit, Integral Evangelization, Kingdom of God, Non-Christians, Paschal Mystery, Redemptoris Missio, Sacrament of Salvation, Seeds of the Word.

FABC Papers 68: Romeo Intengan and George Lobo. Religion and Politics in the Asian Context. [1994] Two presentations form this FABC paper. In "Faith and Politics, Church and State: Church Teaching and the Asian Context" R. Intengan presents three themes: the Church Teaching, a Contemporary Paradigm, and Implications of the coordinates of faith-politics and Church-State; detailed documentation is supplied. G. Lobo in "Religion and Politics" surveys the various types of relationship between religion and politics in Asia and suggests the role the Church should play in different Asian countries. [65 pages] Subjects: Church/State Relations, Conscience, Fundamentalism, Local Church, Minorities, Option for the Poor, Politics, Religion, Religious Freedom, Society (Typology).

FABC Papers 69: Felix Wilfred and UCAN. The Federation of Asian Bishops’ Conferences: Orientations, Challenges and Impact. [1995] A brief "Prologue" presents a thumb-nail sketch of FABC history and introduces F. Wilfred’s paper "The FABC: Orientations, Challenges, Impact" (background material for the Sixth FABC Plenary Assembly in Manila, 1995). UCAN (Union of Catholic Asian News) collected reactions to the strengths, weaknesses, contributions, and impact of FABC over twenty-five years from sixteen pivotal Asian Church leaders; many insightful comments are presented. [44 pages] Subjects: "Asianness," "Being Church," Bishops (Asian), Communion of Communities, Dialogue of Life, FABC Organization, Ministries, "Pastoral Spiral" Method, Triple Dialogue, UCAN.

FABC Papers 70: S. Arokiasamy. Asia: The Struggle for Life in the Midst of Death and Destruction. [1995] This is one of two position papers (see: FABC Papers 71) prepared for the Sixth FABC Plenary Assembly in 1995. The author accomplishes three tasks: (I) gives a general analysis of the Asian scene and focuses on operative forces of death and destruction; (II) points to emerging challenges and imperatives to promote life; (III) provides perspectives of faith and spirituality that undergird the Church’s mission. [54 pages] Subjects: Compassion, Globalization, Health, Integral Evangelization, Migrants, Minorities, Refugees, Solidarity, Spirituality, Women.

FABC Papers 71: Luis Tagle. Jesus Christ: His Service to Life — Discipleship in the Spirit of Life. Appendix: First FABC International Theological Colloquium (1994): Being Church in Asia: Journeying with the Spirit into Fuller Life. [1995] This position paper for the Sixth FABC Plenary Assembly (1995) is an extended meditation on the God of Life revealed by Jesus and experienced by his disciples in the Spirit and in community; in a word, it is an "Asian contribution" on Asia’s experience of the Trinitarian God of Life. The appendix is a unique FABC document; it is a theological reflection on the Church’s service to life in the Asian context. [28 pages] Subjects: Asian Reality, Communion of Communities, Discipleship, Holy Spirit, Jesus (Asian Face), Jesus Christ, Kingdom of God, Life, Paschal Mystery, Trinity.

FABC Papers 72a: Catalino Arévalo. Prayer, Contemplation and Holiness: The Church, Community of Christian Discipleship in its Service to Life. [1995] This piece is a reflective presentation of the journey of FABC on the interrelated themes of prayer, contemplation and holiness, departing particularly from FABC II (1978) that treated "Prayer and Contemplation as the Life of the Church in Asia." This discussion guide shows how prayer and holiness are constitutive of discipleship and missionary identity. Two helpful appendices are included. [21 pages] Subjects: "Being Church," Contemplation, Discipleship, Eucharist, Holiness, Holy Spirit, Jesus (Asian Face), Missionaries, Prayer, Triple Dialogue.

FABC Papers 72b: Michael Amaladoss. Dialogue at the Service of Life. [1995] This discussion guide explores the approaches and ways that interreligious dialogue can promote a fuller life among the peoples of Asia. Elements discussed are: Societal Analysis; Religion in Society; Papal and FABC Teaching; Types of Dialogue; Consensus; Basic Human and Christian Communities; Dialogue of Action. Some discussion questions follow. Two appendices present Buddhist-Christian Dialogue (BIRA V/2) and Muslim-Christian efforts to enhance interreligious harmony. [23 pages] Subjects: Basic Ecclesial Communities, Buddhism, Dialogue of Life, FABC Thought, Harmony, Interreligious Dialogue, Islam, Religions, Society, Spiritual Values.

FABC Papers 72c: Francisco Claver. Christian Discipleship in Asia: Protecting Human Life. [1995] Beginning with a helpful clustering of the FABC VI workshops on the why, what, and who of the Asian Church’s "disciple-service to life," this presentation examines the Asian Bishops’ commitment to serve Asia’s people. Three presuppositions are explored: Population, Development, and Church Pronouncements. Four responses are addressed: Demographic, Economic, Cultural, and Political. In these responses, the author asks how the "Asian Face" of the Church can genuinely emerge? [11 pages] Subjects: Church of the Poor, Cultural Change, Demographics, Development, Family Planning, Human Life, Inculturation, NGOs, Population, Social Teaching.

FABC Papers 72d: Thomas Green. A Life-giving Spirituality for the Service of Life. [1995] This discussion guide is a brief introduction to a spirituality appropriate for Asia and the Church’s service to life. Following an exploration of the meaning of "spirituality," three aspects are explored: an Integrated, Scripture-based, and Communitarian approach to the spiritual life. Two appendices are attached: An FABC VI Thematic, and Spirituality in the Second Plenary Council of the Philippines (PCP-II, 1991) [cf. Landas 6/2 (1992): 133-144]. The presentation is "suggestive, rather than exhaustive." [17 pages] Subjects: Basic Ecclesial Communities, Discipleship, Integral Evangelization, Paschal Mystery, Philippine Church, Prayer, Scripture, Spirituality, Unity/Diversity, Virgin Mary.

FABC Papers 72e: Sean McDonagh. The Christian Vocation to Promote Justice, Peace, and the Integrity of Creation. [1995] This pamphlet is a scholarly and comprehensive presentation of the realities, problems, challenges, and possibilities of Church involvement with caring for the earth. Beginning with a "contemporary parable," McDonagh meticulously documents how today’s obsession with economic growth is impoverishing the majority of people and endangering the planet. It is imperative that the Church respond (as a key part of her pastoral ministry) to promote new values and options to a destructive, consumeristic mentality. [70 pages] Subjects:Catechism of the Catholic Church, Creation, Industrialization, Justice, Prophecy, Stewardship, "Sustainable Development," Transnational Corporations, Vatican Council II, Vocation.

FABC Papers 72f: Catherine Haliburn. The Family and the Child: The Asian Family’s Struggle for Life. [1995] Here one finds an overview of the realities facing the Asian family, presented under four headings: "The Global Crisis and the Asian Family’s Struggle for Life"; "The Vocation of the Family: The Basis for Ministry"; "Spirituality of the Family"; "Process Plan for Pastoral Action." Questions for workshop discussion are provided. Finally, one finds a very helpful section on the "spirituality of the family." [31 pages] Subjects: Children, Domestic Church, Dysfunctionalism, Family, Health, Marriage, Ministries, Modernization, Population, Violence.

FABC Papers 72g: Leo Perera. The Struggle for Life: Asian Youth. [1995] This discussion guide provides a brief overview of the situation of Asian Youth in 1995. Several elements are presented: Situation in various areas of the Asian continent; Catholic Asian Youth; Highlights of a Survey-Questionnaire; Church’s Vision; Challenges to Action; Recommendations; Discussion Questions. Two important appendices are included: (I) Analysis of data from the survey-questionnaire; (II) Complete form of the survey-questionnaire as carried out by the FABC Office of Laity. [25 pages] Subjects: Asian Reality, HIV-AIDS, John Paul II, Minorities, Pilgrimage, Radio Veritas, Statistics (Youth), Students, World Youth Day, Youth.

FABC Papers 72h: Amelia Vasquez. Women and the Church’s Service to Life in Asia. [1995] This paper is a presentation of the situation of women in Asia and in the Church of today; the paper unfolds in five sections: Introduction; Statistical Situationer; New Awareness and Acceptance of the Problem; Conclusion; Recommendations. Two important appendices are included: (I) FABC-sponsored Consultation on Women [1993]; (II) Five United Nations-sponsored Conferences [1975-1993] that promote improvement of the status of women. [23 pages] Subjects: Asian Religions, Church Relationships, Human Dignity, Motherhood, Patriarchy, Sexism, Signs of the Times, Statistics (Women), United Nations, Women.

FABC Papers 72i: Virginia Fabella and Quirico Pedregosa. Religious Life: A Service to Life in Asia Today. [1995] This guide explores how religious life can contribute to the fullness of life in Asia’s local Churches; the paper unfolds in three sections: Asian Situation and religious life (includes positive and negative realities); Theological Reflection on discipleship and eight specific challenges for religious in Asia; Six Guide Questions for discussion. [13 pages] Subjects: Asian Reality, Brothers, Dialogue, Discipleship, Martyr, Mission Motivation, Population, Religious Life, Solidarity, Women.

FABC Papers 72j: Cora Mateo. Christian Discipleship in Work and Profession — A Service to Life in Asia Today. [1995] This piece explores how Catholics can give Christian witness in their work and professions; six areas form the presentation: Introduction which shows how individuals live their commitment; Church teaching on work; Difficulties in the workplace; Areas needing Church attention; Conclusion; Discussion Questions. Both the Final Report and Message from the 1994 Church Consultation on Laity in Asia are included as valuable appendices. [18 pages] Subjects: ASIPA, Church Structures, Formation, Labor, Laity, Media, Ministries, Professions, Social Teaching, Stewardship.

FABC Papers 72k: Wendy Louis. Formation and Education for Christian Discipleship in Asia. [1995] This is a practical and concrete overview of how effective adult formation programs should be approached. Many insights are drawn from Our Journey Together, an RCIA text designed by the Lumko Institute and adapted for Singapore (and an Asian context). The concreteness and experience-based insights make this a valuable, short "handbook" on ministry to adults in the renewed Church in Asia. [25 pages] Subjects: Adult Education, Basic Ecclesial Communities, Catholic Schools, Communion, Education, Formation, Participatory Church, Pedagogy, RCIA, Seminary.

FABC Papers 72-l: Gaston Roberge. The Church in Asia and the Ministry of the Media and the Arts at the Service of Life. [1995] This paper is an overview of the role that the Church in Asia can play in having an influence upon media and the arts; the presentation is made in five sections: Introduction on the value of life; Addressing the gap between the possible and the desirable in media projects; Key aspects needing attention; Revising plans to be more realistic; Conclusion. Discussion questions are provided. [18 pages] Subjects: Arts, Compassion, Conversion, Evangelization, HIV-AIDS, Inculturation, Media, Moral Teaching, Radio Veritas, Youth.

FABC Papers 72m: Anthony Rogers. Integral Human Development and Justice for Peace at the Service of Life in the Context of Asia. [1995] This presentation is a comprehensive overview of the growth within the Church in Asia with reference to integral human development and justice; this overview integrates the thought, official statements and reports of the FABC over the past twenty-five years (1970-1995). Many key FABC insights are captured in this most helpful summary. [25 pages] Subjects: Basic Ecclesial Communities, Conscience, FABC (History), Human Development, Integral Evangelization, Justice, New Age Movements, Non-violence, Participatory Church, Spirituality.

FABC Papers 73: Graziano Battistella. Journeying Together in Faith with Migrant Workers in Asia. [1995] Migration is a major phenomenon in Asia, and this paper presents its reality in terms of statistics, issues, concerns, Church response, and pastoral recommendations on both the FABC and diocesan levels. Three full pages of statistical data are included as well as two important appendices: (I) Selections from the Roman document on The Pastoral Care of Migrants; and (II) "The Final Statement of the Symposium on Filipino Migrant Workers in Asia" (Hong Kong, 1993). [34 pages] Subjects: Apostleship of the Sea, Filipino Migrants, Integral Evangelization, Migrant Workers, Option for the Poor, Pastoral Care, Seafarers, Solidarity, Statistics (Migration), Women.

FABC Papers 74: Sixth FABC Plenary Assembly. Christian Discipleship in Asia Today — Service to Life: A Summary Report. [1995] Beginning with a brief historical overview of FABC, this report summarizes the principal events and documents of FABC VI (Manila, 1995). Eight items are included: Welcome Greetings by T. Guingona, C. Morelos, J. Sin, and M. Rosario; Inaugural Address by J. Tomko; Pastoral Presentations to the Holy Father [themes: Proclamation, Life, Ecology]; Address of John Paul II; Workshop Reports; Summary of FABC VI’s flow, events, and key decisions; Final Statement of FABC VI; List of Participants. [102 pages] Subjects: Dialogue, Discipleship, Ecology, FABC (History), Holy Spirit, Life as Gift, Mission ad gentes, Proclamation, Triple Dialogue, World Youth Day.

FABC Papers 75: FABC Theological Advisory Commission. Asian Christian Perspectives on Harmony.[1996] This pamphlet contains a pastoral-theological reflection by the FABC:TAC that seeks to promote "a distinctive Asian theology" centered on integral "harmony" in all aspects of Asian life. Beginning with a detailed outline, the paper treats six areas: Challenges to Harmony; Attempts at Promoting Harmony; Harnessing Asian Cultures and Religions; Orientation of the Churches; Spirituality, Theology, and Commitment for Harmony; General Conclusion. The FABC:TAC members are listed by country and name. [67 pages] Subjects: Asian Reality, Asian Theology, Bible, Harmony, Joy, Non-violence, People Power, Sin, Spirituality, Triple Dialogue.

FABC Papers 76: Third Bishops’ Institute on Religious Harmony. Working for Harmony in the Contemporary World: A Hindu-Christian Dialogue. [1996] This publication includes four major papers from BIRA V/3 which centered on Hindu-Christian Dialogue (New Delhi, 1995): "The Hindu-Christian Encounter: The General Problematic" (F. Machado); "Harmony as Samanvaya: The Conjunction of Opposites" (K. N. Mishra); "Coincidentia Oppositorum: A Response" (S. Painadath); BIRA V/3 Statement (Participants). A list of all participants and their country of origin is included. [37 pages] Subjects: Absolute Mystery, Harmony, Hinduism, Holy Spirit, Incarnation, Inclusivism, Interreligious Dialogue, Islam, Syncretism, Upanishads.

FABC Papers 77: CCA and FABC. Asian Movement for Christian Unity. [1996] This compendium contains documents from the ecumenical consultation jointly sponsored by the Christian Conference of Asia (CCA) and the FABC (Hong Kong, 1996). Documents included are: Overview (F. Cariño and T. Michel); "Our Pilgrimage of Hope" (Consultation Statement); Two papers on the Theology of Ecumenism (K. Pathil and W. Ariarajah); Two visions of Ecumenical Unity (K. Fernando and J. B. Banawiratma); Two reflections on factors of union (S. Lo and D. Gill). A series of appendices provides a variety of resources and data. This is a superb primer on ecumenism in Asia. [98 pages] Subjects: Christian Unity, Common Witness, Ecclesiology, Ecumenism, Hierarchy of Truths, Local Church, Reception, Unity (Models), Vatican Council II, World Council of Churches.

FABC Papers 78: Joseph Ratzinger and Stephen Bevans. Christ, Faith and the Challenges of Cultures. [1997] This presentation contains two formal, academic papers that treat a common theme: the inculturation of Christian faith: (I) "Christ, Faith and the Challenge of Cultures" is an address by J. Ratzinger to an FABC audience [Hong Kong, 1993]; (II) "Twenty-five Years of Inculturation in Asia: The Federation of Asian Bishops’ Conferences, 1970-1995" by S. Bevans unfolds in three parts: FABC documents containing explicit, implicit, and thematic elements of inculturation and an Asian theology. [36 pages] Subjects: Culture, Inculturation, Interculturality, Jesus Christ, Local Church, Pastoral Cycle, Relativism, Theology of Religions, Triple Dialogue, Universalism.

FABC Papers 79: Jean Vanier and Bishops’ Conferences of India, Indonesia, and U.S.A. Charisms, Movements and Communities in the Church: A Pastoral Overview. [1997] This booklet includes four documents related to the phenomenon of communitarian renewal movements in various parts of the world-wide Church: (I) J. Vanier presents "The Rise of Catholic Movements: Know Them by their Fruits"; (II) Bishops of India give pastoral guidelines "Neo-Pentecostalism: A Pastoral Response"; (III) Bishops of Indonesia offer guidelines on the Charismatic Movement; (IV) Bishops of U.S.A. present a guide for small Church communities, especially designed for Hispanic groups. [54 pages] Subjects: Charisms, Discernment, Ecumenism, Eucharist, Hispanics, Holy Spirit, Movements (Church), New Evangelization, Paschal Mystery, Pastoral Care.

FABC Papers 80: Thomas Menamparambil, Sebastian Karotemprel, Francisco Claver, and Conference Participants. Evangelization among the Indigenous Peoples of Asia. [1997] Prepared for the FABC-sponsored conference on the concerns of the indigenous peoples of Asia, this booklet contains four key papers: (I) "The Challenge of Cultures" (T. Menamparambil); (II) "Traditional Religions" (S. Karotemprel); (III) "Social Marginalization of Tribal Peoples and Their Contribution to Ecological Health" (F. Claver); (IV) Final Statement and Recommendations of the FABC Conference. A participants’ list is included. [46 pages] Subjects: Culture, Ecology, Ethnicity, Evangelization, Indigenous Peoples, Kenosis, Local Church, Marginalization, Popular Religiosity, Traditional Religions.

FABC Papers 81: FABC Office of Theological Concerns. The Spirit at Work in Asia Today. [1998] This work is a comprehensive reflection on the many ways that God’s Spirit is present in Asia today; two years in preparation by the FABC:OTC, this document unfolds in six thematic sections: Spirit in various religio-cultural Asian traditions; Spirit at work in Asian socio-cultural realities; Spirit in the Biblical Tradition; Spirit at work in the Church; Elements of an Asian Theology of the Spirit; Pastoral Recommendations. A list of the participating FABC:OTC theologians is included. [96 pages] Subjects: Asian Traditions, Holy Spirit, Liberation Movements, Local Church, Ministries, Paschal Mystery, Pneumatology, Primal Religions, Scripture, Vatican Council II.

FABC Papers 82: FABC in South Asia. The Christian Response to the Phenomenon of Violence in South Asia. [1998] These documents emerged from a gathering of twenty-six bishops from five South Asian countries to reflect on violence, rising fundamentalism, and ethnic tensions in their region. Seven pieces are included here: Consultation Final Statement; "The Phenomenon of Violence and Christian Response" (T. K. John); "Some Reflections on the Phenomenon of Fundamentalism" (J. K. Locke); "Christian and Muslim Fundamentalism" (T. Michel); "Our Response to Violence" (J. Joseph); List of Participants; Methods of Nonviolent Action. This is an important, insightful FABC consultation. [83 pages] Subjects: Blasphemy Law, Caste, Cultural Breakdown, Fundamentalism, Modernity, Non-violence, Suffering, Terrorism, Violence, Violence (Dynamics).

FABC Papers 83: FABC Colloquium. Communion and Solidarity: A New Way of Being Church in Asia (A Colloquium on the Church in Asia in the 21st Century). [1998] These materials emerged from a 1997 Colloquium of 130 Church representatives that explored how the Church in Asia should prepare for the Jubilee Year 2000 and face the 21st century. Addresses included are by A. Rogers, R. Etchegaray, S. Painadath, L. Tharmaraj, and O. Quevedo. The final section presents the "Recommendations-Suggestions-Proposals" of this FABC Colloquium grouped into five major areas; many challenges and insights are identified. [53 pages] Subjects: Asian Reality, Asian Spirituality, ASIPA, Communion, Integral Evangelization, Laity, Local Church, Ministries, Renewal, Solidarity.

FABC Papers 84: FABC Thematic Compilation. Discovering the Face of Jesus in Asia Today: A Guide to Doing Mission in Asia. [1999] This document is a summary presentation of the central teachings and vision of the FABC since its inception. For easy reference the material is divided into three sections: (I) Understanding Evangelization in the Context of Asia Today; (II) Being Evangelized in the "Church of Communion"; (III) Being Evangelizers in the Third Millennium. There are additional sub-themes under which these 87 documented selections of FABC material are placed. This is, in short, a handy compendium of key FABC materials. [56 pages] Subjects: FABC Thought, Integral Evangelization, Interreligious Dialogue, Jesus Christ, Jubilee Year, Local Church, Ministries, Mission Motivation, Paschal Mystery, Triple Dialogue.

FABC Papers 85: Franz-Josef Eilers. The Catholic Church in Asia and Social Communication. [1999] As editor, Eilers has made a comprehensive presentation of the reality of the apostolate of social communications for evangelization in Asia. Six FABC documents that directly focus on communications (1996-1999) are included. A panorama of relevant passages from all FABC materials (1970 onwards) is presented in narrative form. Two brief papers by Eilers on the need and challenges of "communication formation of Church leaders" round out this compilation. [47 pages] Subjects: Asian Synod, BISCOM, Dialogue, Ecumenism, Evangelization, FABC (History), Media Education, Radio Veritas, Social Communications, Youth.

FABC Papers 86: Charles McJilton. Japanese Christian Identity. [1999] This is a collection of twenty interviews with Japanese Christians collected by C. McJilton, a Catholic missionary in Japan. These reflections are from a wide diversity of Christians (e.g. lay, ordained, Baptist, Catholic, Anglican, Methodist, women, men, etc.) on their experience of being both Japanese and Christian; individual Japanese-Christian identities emerge with great freshness and faith. [41 pages] Subjects: Conversion, Emperor System (Japan), Faith, Identity, Japanese, Minjung Theology, Minority, Morality, Nationalism, Peace.

FABC Papers 87: Various Authors. Social Advocacy as Integral Evangelization: The Ministry of Social Advocacy. [1999] This pamphlet contains four documents from diverse sources that present the evangelizing ministry of social advocacy: (I) "Everyday Christianity: To Hunger and Thirst for Justice" (U. S. Catholic Conference); (II) "A Call for Justice and Compassion" (1998 "Seoul Forum"); (III) "International Advocacy as Integral Evangelization: Possibilities and Limitations" (Franciscans International / Ignacio Harding); (IV) "Transformation of Society and the Role of Advocacy—An Irish Case Study" (Brigid Reynolds and Sean Healy). [49 pages] Subjects: Compassion, Franciscans International, Globalization, Integral Evangelization, Justice, Local Church, Marginalization, Peace-making, Signs of the Times, Social Advocacy.

FABC Papers 88: James Kroeger. Living Mission in Asia: Recent Initiatives of Local Churches for Evangelization. [1999] This booklet contains a wide variety of documents that show the growth and response of Asia’s local Churches and "Asian-born" missionary societies to the Church’s mission of evangelization. The material is presented in six thematic sections: (I) Recent Developments in Asia; (II) Mission Societies’ Colloquiums; (III) Asia’s Six Indigenous Missionary Institutes; (IV) "Asian Synod" on Mission; (V) Coordination of Church Missionary Endeavors; (VI) Contact Information for Mission Personnel. In a word, these materials document the "missionary aggiornamento" in Asia following Vatican II. [57 pages] Subjects: Asian Synod, FABC:OE, India, Korea, Mission ad gentes, Mission (Asia), Mission History, Mission Societies (Asian), Philippines, Thailand.

FABC Papers 89: Jonathan Yun-ka Tan. Towards Asian Liturgical Inculturation. [1999] This is a scholarly paper that is aimed at "Investigating the Resources in the Documents of the Federation of Asian Bishops’ Conferences (FABC) for Developing an Asian Theology of Liturgical Inculturation" (paper subtitle). The presentation unfolds in four sections: (I) Overview of Inculturation in the FABC Documents; (II) Foundational Themes of FABC Contextual Theology; (III) An FABC-based Asian Theology of Liturgical Inculturation; (IV) Essential Theological Themes for this Inculturation Process. [60 pages] Subjects: FABC (History), Harmony, Inculturation, Integral Evangelization, Liturgy, Local Church, "New Age of Mission," Paschal Mystery, Theology of Dialogue, Triple Dialogue.

FABC Papers 90: Soosai Arokiasamy. Emerging Demands of Mission of the Church at the Turn of the Century: The Church as a Servant of Hope for the Peoples of Asia. [2000] In fourteen closely interrelated sections, this paper explores the theme captured in the lengthy title of this presentation (given at the Seventh FABC Plenary Assembly in Bangkok in January 2000). This academic, well-documented, yet pastoral, paper does not intend to make a detailed survey-analysis of the Asian situation; although employing an inductive methodology, it focuses on the emerging demands of mission, discernment, dialogue, and evangelization. [35 pages] Subjects: Dialogue of Salvation, Hope, Integral Evangelization, Jesus (Asian Face), Local Church, Mission, Signs of the Times, Social Concern, Spirituality, Triple Dialogue.

FABC Papers 91: Luis Tagle. Renewal that Awaits the Church in Asia: A Theological and Ecclesiological Reflection on Renewal. [2000] Church Renewal, the theme of this paper and of FABC VII (Bangkok, 2000), is a permanent mandate for the Christian community. The theme is elucidated in four parts: (I) New Testament Perspectives; (II) Vatican II Insights; (III) Strategies of Renewal; (IV) Images of Renewal—seen as: (a) Door or Window; (b) One Table; (c) Letting Go for New Life; (d) Conversion of Hearts and Structures; (e) Daring Waiting. The paper integrates theology, creativity and imagination. [18 pages] Subjects: Conversion, Discernment, Ecclesia in Asia, Imagination, Mission, Openness, Reception, Renewal, Scripture, Vatican Council II.

FABC Papers 92a: FABC Office of Social Communication. Church and Social Communication in Asia. [2000] This discussion guide is a compilation of key documents of the FABC in reference to its Office of Social Communication (ranging from 1970 to 1999). In eight thematic sections, the FABC vision of evangelization through media and social communications is presented. Two appendices are included: "Public Relations Office for the FABC" and "Covenant on Radio Veritas Asia." [30 pages] Subjects: BISCOM, Catechesis, Dialogue, Formation, Holy Spirit, Participatory Church, Radio Veritas, Revelation, Social Communications, Triple Dialogue.

FABC Papers 92b: Julma Neo. The Witness of Consecrated Life in Asia Today. [2000] This is a panorama of the realities and challenges that confront those committed to the consecrated life in contemporary Asia; the presentation unfolds in five sections: (I) The Asian Context; (II) Church and Consecrated Life; (III) Impact of Asian Realities on Consecrated Life; (IV) Witness in Asia Today; (V) The Future. The fourth section contains many creative and insightful comments on how the consecrated life can be lived today as a service to the Church and to all Asian peoples. [23 pages] Subjects: Asceticism, Asian Reality, Consecrated Life, HIV-AIDS, Indigenous Peoples, Ministries, Mission ad gentes, Mission Spirituality, Servant Church, Unity/Diversity.

FABC Papers 92c: Virginia Saldanha and John D’Mello. A Renewed Church in Asia: In Solidarity with Women. [2000] This pamphlet is composed of three sections, each with a lengthy title which describes well the content of each piece: (I) Saldanha writes on "The Church in the New Millennium: Learning to be in Solidarity and Dialogue with Women"; (II) D’Mello describes and evaluates "Paradigms for a Feminization of the Church"; (III) Three appendices, drawn from FABC consultations on Women and the Church (1993, 1995, 1998), are presented with a wide panorama of concrete recommendations. [32 pages] Subjects: Discipleship, Family, Holy Spirit, Jesus Christ, Jubilee Year, Laity, Paradigms (Feminization), Violence, Women, Women’s Movements.

FABC Papers 92d: Vicente Cajilig. Formation for Priesthood in Asia. [2000] This synthesis paper is drawn from several FABC-sponsored consultations on the vision and content of the seminary curriculum of formation for priesthood in Asia. A basic presentation provides a comprehensive overview; it is enhanced with four detailed appendices. The paper envisions a priest being formed into a Man of the Sacred, a Man of Dialogue, and a Man of Humble Service. [32 pages] Subjects: Dialogue, Formation (Priestly), Mission ad gentes, Philosophy, Priesthood, Seminary Curriculum, Social Teaching, Spiritual Direction, Spiritual-Pastoral Year, Theological Studies.

FABC Papers 92e: Vicente Cajilig. Continuing Formation for Priesthood in Asia. [2000] Beginning with the firm conviction that continuing education and formation of the clergy are essential to holistic growth and fruitful ministry, this paper presents an overview of ongoing renewal for Asia’s clergy. A triple goal is emphasized: the priest is to be a man of the sacred, of dialogue, and of humble service. Several proposed schema, designed for various Asian nations, are included. Workshop discussion questions are also presented. [24 pages] Subjects: Asian Synod, Bioethics, Communion of Communities, Continuing Formation, Inculturation, Liturgy, Priesthood, Rehabilitation, Sabbatical Leave, Team Ministry.

FABC Papers 92f: Jigger Latoza. A Renewed Church in Asia: A Mission of Love and Service to Migrant Workers and Refugees in the Third Millennium. [2000] This paper is a comprehensive presentation/documentation of the immense and profoundly challenging reality of migrant workers and refugees—particularly in the Asian context. The paper presents a plethora of statistical data, the "human reality" behind the statistics, the concern of the Universal and Asian Churches, specific case studies (e.g. Philippines), emerging trends, the commitments of religious groups and local Churches, as well as pastoral strategies. This is truly a comprehensive overview of the question. [43 pages] Subjects: Apostleship of the Sea, Asian Synod, Exploitation, Marginalization, Migrants, Philippines, Refugees, Social Teaching, Statistics (Migrants), Women.

FABC Papers 92g: Sebastian Karotemprel and FABC. A Renewed Mission of Love and Service to the Indigenous/Tribal Peoples of Asia. [2000] Among the many peoples of Asia, the Indigenous/Tribal people (approximately 10% of Asia’s population) have a special relation to the life and mission of the Church. Many have and continue to accept the Gospel message and become Christian. This paper explores the realities, world-views, social structure, problems, and evangelization opportunities of these peoples. How can an authentic local Church grow in their midst? The recommendations of a 1995 FABC conference on this topic are included. [19 pages] Subjects: Discrimination, Ecology, Indigenous Peoples, Laity, Local Church, Marginalization, Mission ad gentes, Modernization, Symbol, Tribals.

FABC Papers 92h: Antonio de los Reyes. The Charismatic Movements and Small Church Communities. [2000] Beginning with an historical perspective and presenting the Asian realities through statistics, this paper gives a helpful synthesis of the Charismatic Renewal Movement and Basic Ecclesial Communities; criteria for their "ecclesiality" are presented. All these elements coalesce to cultivate the Christian life in every human environment. Fifteen tables of statistical realities relevant to the Church’s mission conclude this insightful booklet. [38 pages] Subjects: Basic Ecclesial Communities, Charismatic Movement, Discernment, Ecclesial Movements, "Ecclesiality," Holy Spirit, Human Rights, Mission ad gentes, Statistics (Asia), Vatican Council II.

FABC Papers 92i: Cora Mateo and Orlando Quevedo. Gospel-based Communities becoming Agents of Change. [2000] This document contains two complementary perspectives on the processes involved in fostering the birth, growth, development, and maturation of basic Church communities: (I) "How to Maintain Small Christian Communities or Basic Ecclesial Communities" by Cora Mateo offers much practical wisdom for Church renewal drawn from the Asian Integral Pastoral Approach [ASIPA]; (II) "The Basic Ecclesial Communities as a Church Model for Asia" by Bishop Quevedo shows how the BEC is an appropriate response to being Church in the current pastoral realities of Asia. [27 pages] Subjects: Agents of Change, ASIPA, Basic Ecclesial Communities, Civilization of Love, Church (Models), Discipleship, Evangelization, Participatory Church, Social Analysis, Team Ministry.

FABC Papers 92j: Thomas Vijay. Lay Ministries in the Renewed Church of Asia. [2000] This paper presents the challenge to renew the Church in Asia by means of a thorough restructuring and refocusing of ministries, particularly lay ministries. Vijay discusses: (I) The Vision of Church as "Communion in Mission"; (II) History of Ministry; (III) Theology of Ministry; (IV) Ministries in the Renewed Church in Asia; (V) Concrete Challenges; (VI) Commissioning the Lay Apostle. A helpful bibliography is included. [33 pages] Subjects: Ecclesiology, Evangelization, Inculturation, Laity, Lay Ministries, Local Church, Ministries, Ministry (Theology), Priesthood, Vatican Council II.

FABC Papers 92k: Edmund Chia. Interreligious Dialogue in Pursuit of Fullness of Life in Asia. [2000] This is a succinct presentation of the theme of interreligious dialogue as it emerges in the Asian context, in the Second Vatican Council, in FABC documents, and in the interventions of Asian bishops during the Asian Synod [Ecclesia in Asia was not yet published]. With this substantial background and foundation, a section is devoted to the future of interreligious dialogue in Asia ["Moving On"] and four themes are proposed for Workshop Discussions. This is a succinct, helpful primer on dialogue. [22 pages] Subjects: Anonymous Christian, Asian Reality, Asian Synod, "Asian Way," Evangelization, Holy Spirit, Kingdom of God, RCIA, Salvation, Triple Dialogue.

FABC Papers 92l: Anthony Rogers. A Church in Universal Harmony and Solidarity through Justice and Peace. [2000] Here one finds a comprehensive presentation of the Church’s social apostolate in Asia at the turn of the millennium. This reflection has three sections: (I) The Asian Reality and its challenges for harmony and solidarity ["Looking at the World"]; (II) A Renewed Church and her mission of love and service ["Listening to the Lord and Reviewing Our Lives"]; (III) Responses as Church in the new millennium ["Loving and Serving Anew"]. There are some insightful comments on the role of the bishop in Church renewal and service (see pages 22-27). [40 pages] Subjects: Asian Reality, Asian Synod, "Asian Way," ASIPA, Bishops, Conversion, Ecclesia in Asia, God-Experience, Proclamation, Solidarity.

FABC Papers 92m: John Locke. The Call to a Renewed Church in Asia and the Challenges of Religious Fundamentalism. [2000] This paper is a clear, succinct presentation of the reality of fundamentalism; it covers these areas: culture, personal and community meaning, the breakdown and the recovery of meaning, varieties of fundamentalism, the role of the Catholic Church, sects, religious experience and the valid concerns of religious fundamentalism. This booklet guides readers to understand this phenomenon and to appreciate why it is an important concern for the Church in Asia. [15 pages] Subjects: Blasphemy Law, Cultural Breakdown, Culture, Fundamentalism, Globalization, Meaning, Pentecostalism, Pluralism, Revival (Religious), Symbol.

FABC Papers 92n: Lourdes Custodio and Luc Van Looy. Opening Paths to Life through Education. [2000] These two papers deal with the broad areas of education and formation: (I) Custodio in "Towards the Formation of Christian Values Today" presents both the Asian context and the challenges arising from these realities; her perspective is that of an educator; (II) Van Looy addresses "Youth Ministry in Asia" and presents seven guidelines for this ministry; his perspective is that of a youth minister who seeks to communicate creatively the person of Jesus. [26 pages] Subjects: Asian Reality, Asian Synod, Education, Globalization, Inculturation, Interreligious Dialogue, Jesus Christ, Ministries, Values Formation, Youth.

FABC Papers 92o: Saturnino Dias and James Kroeger. The Church in Asia in Mission ad Gentes. [2000] These two papers discuss the role of Asia’s local Churches in mission ad gentes. Dias gives a long and multi-faceted presentation ("The Local Churches in Asia in Mission Ad Gentes") covering a multiplicity of topics with many sub-topics and interrelated subjects. Kroeger has a focused topic ("Asian-born Mission Societies"); he presents a short synopsis of the history, charism, membership, works, statistics, and contact information for each of Asia’s six indigenous missionary societies in the Philippines, Korea, India, and Thailand. [49 pages] Subjects: "Asianness," Asian Reality, Dialogue of Life, FABC (History), Local Church, Mission ad gentes, Mission Societies, Missionary Cooperation, Paschal Mystery, Triple Dialogue.

FABC Papers 92p: John Prior. Human Values and the Pursuit of a Full Humanity in Asia. [2000] This booklet discusses the question of human values from an intercultural stance in four sections: (I) FABC 1970-1997 on dialogue with cultures; (II) Cultures: Pre-modern, Modern, Post-modern; (III) Contrasting Cultural Values; (IV) Towards a New Humanism. The Asian Church is in a constant living dialogue with culture and creation as she shapes her mission and her response of evangelization. [26 pages] Subjects: Compassion, Cross-cultural Mission, Culture, Evangelization of Culture, FABC (History), Indigenous Theology, Local Church, Marginalization, Pluralism, Values.

FABC Papers 92q: Jacob Theckanath. The Asian Image of Jesus: Theological, Biblical, Catechetical and Liturgical Renewal. [2000] Under the broad title of the Asian image of Jesus, this paper makes a creative study of the imperative of inculturation in the areas of theology, scripture, catechesis, and liturgy. The piece is written from an experiential viewpoint and offers numerous concrete examples of how to proceed with the crucial task of inculturation in Asia’s local Churches. [25 pages] Subjects: Asian Synod, Bible, Catechism, Christology, Ecclesia in Asia, Inculturation, Jesus (Asian Face), Philippines, Prayer, Prophecy.

FABC Papers 92r: R. J. Rajkumar. Christian Duty of Advocacy for Transformation of Society. [2000] Beginning with a brief historical note on the FABC and its role in advocacy, this presentation unfolds in four thematic sections: Asia’s Political Configuration; Economic Transformations; Socio-cultural Shifts; and, Challenges in the Realms of Religions and Identity. The exhaustive and well-documented presentation interrelates the Asian landscape with Ecclesia in Asia in a creative manner. Several "trajectories for advocacy" are proposed in the concluding section. [42 pages] Subjects: Advocacy, Asian Reality, Asian Religions, Asian Synod, Ecclesia in Asia, FABC (History), Marginalization, Neo-liberalism, Social Teaching, Social Transformation.

FABC Papers 92s: Thomas Michel. A New Ecumenical Vision for the New Millennium. [2000] Beginning with a brief assessment of the current ecumenical realities in Asia, this paper presents: (I) an overview history of ecumenical efforts and relations in Asia from 1993 to 1999; (II) concrete possibilities of how the Churches in Asia can move ecumenically into the Third Millennium. The paper shows how ecumenical initiatives are both possible and important for Asia, as well as how this movement can strengthen the Church’s interreligious dialogue efforts. [13 pages] Subjects: Asian Synod, Christian Conference of Asia, Ecclesia in Asia, Ecumenism, Ecumenism (History), Episcopal Conferences, Interreligious Dialogue, Migrants, Ut Unum Sint, World Council of Churches.

FABC Papers 92t: Amselmo Lee. The Role of Working Professionals in Building a Just World. [2000] This discussion paper explores the question of how Christian working professionals can contribute to the promotion of justice, particularly in Asian society. The document treats a variety of material: (I) the theme of justice in the Asian Synod and Ecclesia in Asia; (II) seven brief cases of Catholic professionals in their work situation (e.g. salesman, lawyer, journalist, etc.); (III) challenges and tasks for the Church to more effectively promote justice in society (seven thematic areas are developed). Discussion questions are also included. [14 pages] Subjects: Asian Synod, ASIPA, Ecclesia in Asia, Ethics, Justice, Labor, Lay Leadership, Participatory Church, Professionals, Social Teaching.

FABC Papers 92u: Arturo Bastes. Springtime of Holiness: A Continuing Call to Spirituality in Asia. [2000] Building on the insights of Ecclesia in Asia, this presentation explores the following areas: (I) the Church in Asia and the call to holiness and a deeper God-experience; (II) the Asian context of spiritual formation; (III) the role of religious congregations in formulating an Asian spirituality; (IV) the methodology of Asian spirituality at the service of the whole Church [nine specific items are mentioned]. Some practical goals are noted in the areas of contextualization and an Asian methodology. [19 pages] Subjects: Asceticism, Asian Synod, Conversion, Ecclesia in Asia, Formation, God-Experience, Holiness, Inculturation, Mission Spirituality, Paschal Mystery.

FABC Papers 93: Seventh FABC Plenary Assembly. A Renewed Church in Asia: A Mission of Love and Service. [2000] This final statement of the Seventh FABC Plenary Assembly (January 2000) focuses on how a renewed Church in Asia will be able to fulfill its mission of love and service. Framed by an Introduction and Conclusion, the document has three major sections: (I) Vision and Meaning of Asian Church Renewal; (II) Key Issues and Challenges facing Asia [Globalization, Fundamentalism, Political Situations, Ecology, and Militarization]; (III) The "Asian Way" of the Church’s Response. Section I-A captures key moments of FABC’s thirty-year history. [16 pages] Subjects: "Asian Way," Ecclesia in Asia, Ecology, FABC (History), Fundamentalism, Globalization, Militarization, Politics, Renewal, Triple Dialogue.

FABC Papers 94: John Paul II. Post-Synodal Apostolic Exhortation: Ecclesia in Asia. [1999] The full text (introduction, seven chapters, outline, and endnotes) of Ecclesia in Asia is produced here for an Asian readership. The document unfolds in these seven chapters: (1) The Asian Context; (2) Jesus the Savior: A Gift to Asia; (3) The Holy Spirit: Lord and Giver of Life; (4) Jesus the Savior: Proclaiming the Gift; (5) Communion and Dialogue for Mission; (6) The Service of Human Promotion; (7) Witnesses to the Gospel. This document can serve as a vademecum for the Church and her mission of evangelization in Asia. [70 pages] Subjects: Asian Reality, Communion (Theology), Dialogue, Ecclesia in Asia, Evangelization, Holy Spirit, Jesus Christ, John Paul II, Missionaries, Plan of Salvation.

FABC Papers 95: Seventh FABC Plenary Assembly. A Renewed Church in Asia: Pastoral Directions for a New Decade. [2000] This booklet contains important documents from the Seventh FABC Plenary Assembly (see also FABC Papers 93). The following are included: (I) Message of John Paul II to FABC VII; (II) Address by Cardinal Jozef Tomko; (III) Keynote Address by Orlando Quevedo [Key Insights into FABC history and growth]; (IV) Message of Oscar Cruz, FABC Secretary General; (V) Reports of the 23 workshops during FABC VII [these reports are linked to the workshop discussion guides published as FABC Papers 92a - 92u]. [70 pages] Subjects: Asian Reality, "Being Church," FABC (History), Indigenous Peoples, Integral Evangelization, Jesus Christ, Local Church, Mission Methods, Pastoral Spiral Method, Renewal.

FABC Papers 96: FABC Office of Theological Concerns. Methodology: Asian Christian Theology (Doing Theology in Asia Today). [2000] The stated purpose of this extensive document is not to define "An Asian Method of Theology," but rather to shed some light on emerging theological methods employed by Asian theologians. Five thematic chapters are presented: (I) Pluralism in Theological Method; (II) History of Christian Theological Methods; (III) Theological Method in an Asian Context: (IV) Hermeneutics [Asian, Hindu, Buddhist, Islamic, Confucian, Taoist]; (V) An Asian Approach to the Sacred via Symbolic Theology. This is a comprehensive, serious, academic—and pivotal—document. [100 pages] Subjects: "Asianness," FABC (History), Harmony, Hermeneutics, Imagination, Pluralism, Popular Religiosity, Signs of the Times, Symbol, Theological Method.

FABC Papers 97: Thomas Michel and J.M.R. Tillard. Participation of the Roman Catholic Church in National Councils of Churches. [2001] Three contributions are brought together in this thematic paper devoted to National Councils of Churches: (I) Michel presents an "historical survey" of the topic; (II) Tillard explores the "spirituality" and mission of Councils of Churches; (III) several documents from the Catholic Church and the National Council of Churches in Australia show a "model" for ecumenical collaboration. [46 pages] Subjects: Asian Synod, Catholics, Christian Conference of Asia, Common Witness, Councils of Churches, Ecumenical Directory, Ecumenism, Reconciliation, Unity, World Council of Churches.

FABC Papers 98: Anthony Rogers [Editor]. A Guidebook to the Apostolic Exhortation: The Church in Asia (Ecclesia in Asia). [2001] This publication is designed as a study guide for exploring Ecclesia in Asia (EA). Section One presents an overview of EA. Section Two is a summary of EA. Section Three contains questions for each of EA’s seven chapters; these questions are grouped under three separate headings [Theological Clarifications and Deepening; Review of Life; and, Application to Life]. A thematic index to the study questions is also provided. [69 pages] Subjects: Asian Reality, Asian Synod, Dialogue, Ecclesia in Asia, Jesus (Asian Face), Mission Societies, Proclamation, Social Teaching, Triple Dialogue, Witness of Life.

FABC Papers 99: Christian Conference of Asia and FABC. Asian Movement for Christian Unity III: Giving Shape to a New Ecumenical Vision. [2001] This paper contains ten items relevant to promoting ecumenism in Asia. These documents emerged from the Third AMCU (Asian Movement for Christian Unity) seminar held in Thailand in early 2001 (jointly sponsored by the CCA and FABC). The papers "explore the possibilities of new ecumenical structures and associations for promoting Christian unity." Included in the booklet are: "Final Joint Statement of AMCU," nine presentations by ecumenical experts, and the list of participants. [71 pages] Subjects: Authority, Christian Conference of Asia, Common Witness, Conversion, Councils of Churches, Ecumenical Associations, Ecumenism, Justification, Trinity, Unity/Diversity.

FABC Papers 100: James Kroeger. FABC Papers Comprehensive Index: Papers 1-100 (1976-2001). [2001] This booklet is a complete index of the FABC Papers published over the past 25 years—a "silver jubilee" offering. The index includes three helpful sections: (A) A 60-80 word precis/summary of each FABC Paper (they total 165 papers, counting the individual discussion guides prepared for FABC Plenary Assemblies); (B) An Author Index for each paper (several papers have multiple authors); (C) A Subject Index which lists the ten most prominent themes treated in each paper. Readers are encouraged to use all three sections of the Comprehensive Index to mine the rich treasures of these papers—a veritable FABC Encyclopedia.


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Dialogue of Salvation 17, 34, 41, 62, 90
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Diocese 33c
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Discrimination 53, 54, 92g
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Domestic Church 46i, 72f
Dysfunctionalism 72f

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"Ecclesiality" 92h
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Ethnicity 55, 80
Eucharist 12d, 13, 23, 26, 29, 60, 72a, 79
Euthanasia 46f
Evangelii Nuntiandi 7, 8, 22, 27
Evangelization 9, 12a, 15, 18, 24, 28, 29, 33d, 33j, 46i, 47, 57a, 60, 61, 62, 66, 72-l, 80, 85, 92i, 92j, 92k, 94
Evangelization of Culture 16, 41, 92p
Evangelizing Church 50
Exploitation 46j, 92f

FABC (History) 72m, 74, 85, 89, 92o, 92p, 92r, 93, 95, 96
FABC Organization 69
FABC Papers Index 100
FABC Thought 72b, 84
Faith 33e, 51, 86
Family 46d, 46i, 72f, 92c
Family Life Education 46i
Family Planning 46f, 72c
Filipino Migrants 73
Film 33j
Finances 4, 33a
Foreignness (Church) 33b
Forgiveness 46c
Formation 3, 12d, 26, 27, 33h, 46e, 72j, 72k, 92a, 92u
Formation for Mission 43
Formation (Lay) 46b, 47
Formation (Priestly) 92d
Four Noble Truths 5
Franciscans International 87
Fraternity 18
Fundamentalism 57g, 59, 65, 68, 82, 92m, 93

Genetic Engineering 51
Genetics 46f
Girl-child 46c
Global Realities 18, 57h
Global Village 57c
Globalization 55, 70, 87, 92m, 92n, 93
God-Experience 12e, 20, 21, 30, 33h, 36, 92-l, 92u
Gospel 62, 33g
Gospel Sharing 57d
Governance (Models) 55
Governments 46e
Guru 21, 33a, 36

Harmony 14, 30, 49, 57e, 57f, 57h, 59, 72b, 75, 76, 89, 96
Health 33g, 70, 72f
Health Services 46f
Hermeneutics 96
Hierarchy of Truths 77
Hinduism 36, 76
Hinduization 15
Hispanics 79
HIV-AIDS 72g, 72-l, 92b
Holiness 12d, 12e, 33a, 46a, 46b, 72a, 92u
Holy Spirit 12a, 12f, 18, 20, 21, 30, 34, 43, 46c, 48, 61, 67, 71, 72a, 74, 76, 79, 81, 92a, 92c, 92h, 92k, 94
Hope 24, 25, 90
Hospitals 46f
Human Development 24, 32, 33d, 33i, 39, 57a, 72m
Human Dignity 57f, 72h
Human Life 72c
Human Rights 45, 57f, 92h
Humanization 51
Hybrid Culture 55

Identity 86
Ideology 12a, 33d, 57e, 57g, 58
Imagination 91, 96
Immersion 52
Incarnation 7, 15, 23, 76
Inclusivism 76
Inculturation 7, 10, 12f, 14, 15, 26, 41, 43, 57b, 60, 72c, 72-l, 78, 89, 92e, 92j, 92n, 92q, 92u
Index (FABC Papers) 100
India 88
Indigenous Peoples 80, 92b 92g, 95
Indigenous Theology 92p
Indonesia 58
Industrialization 72e
Injustice 33d
"Instrumentalization" 9
Integral Evangelization 14, 27, 34, 41, 48, 50, 59, 64, 67, 70, 72d, 72m, 73, 83, 84, 87,
89, 90, 95
Integration 57c
Interculturality 78
Interiority 12e, 21
International Theological Commission 42, 57f
Interreligious Dialogue 12b, 13, 57a, 57b, 72b, 76, 84, 92n, 92s
Investors 46-l
Islam 11, 38, 49, 72b, 76

Japanese 86
Jesus (Asian Face) 71, 72a, 90, 92q, 98
Jesus Christ 19, 35, 41, 50, 62, 66, 71, 78, 84, 92c, 92n, 94, 95
Jnana Marga 11
John Paul II 32, 33d, 38, 46d, 46j, 72g, 94
John XXIII 6
Joy 75
Jubilee Year 84, 92c
Just Wage 46-l
Justice 8, 46e, 54, 72e, 72m, 87, 92t
Justice in the World 8, 9
Justification 99
Juvenile Delinquency 46d

Karma 11
Kenosis 11, 20, 35, 80
Kerygma 5
Kingdom of God 3, 16, 17, 22, 57e, 62, 63, 64, 67, 71, 92k
Korea 88

Labor 72j, 92t
Labor (Sacredness) 46j
Labor Unions 46j
Laity 3, 26, 32, 33a, 33f, 33i, 33k, 39, 40, 44, 45, 46a, 46g, 57a, 58, 66, 72j, 83, 92c, 92g, 92j
Lay Leadership 46e, 92t
Lay Ministries 92j
Lay Missionaries 40
Leadership 26, 33a, 33c, 39, 57d, 57h
Liberation 1, 46h
Liberation Movements 81
Libraries 4
Life 71
Life as Gift 74
Life-style 25
Liturgy 4, 12b, 89, 92e
Local Church 3, 7, 8, 12b, 13, 14, 15, 17, 19, 20, 22, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 33a, 33g, 33k, 36, 37, 39, 40, 42, 44, 46a, 46g, 46k, 48, 56, 57a, 57b, 59, 60, 62, 63, 64, 68, 77, 78, 80, 81, 83, 84, 87, 89, 90, 92g, 92j, 92o, 92p, 95
Low Intensity Conflict 57h

MacBride Report 33j
Mahatma Gandhi 6, 12b, 19, 46h, 63
Mao Tse Tung 1
Marginalization 33f, 54, 80, 87, 92f, 92g, 92p, 92r
Marital Relationship 46i
Markets 46-l
Marriage 33g, 46c, 46i, 72f,
Martyr 22, 72i
Marxism 1, 57h
Meaning 92m
Mechanization 46j
Media 33j, 46k, 72j, 72-l
Media Education 46k, 85
Medicine 46f
Meditation 10, 11, 21
Metanoia 16
Migrants 70, 92f, 92s
Migrant Workers 73
Militarization 93
Ministries 3, 14, 19, 29, 33j, 41, 44, 46a, 69, 72f, 72j, 81, 83, 84, 92b, 92j, 92n
Ministry (Theology) 92j
Minjung Theology 86
Minorities 46h, 65, 68, 70, 72g
Minority 25, 63, 86
Minority Church 33i
Minority Complex 34
Missiologists 43
Missiology 61
Mission 7, 12d, 15, 16, 19, 33a, 33e, 42, 57b, 90, 91
Mission ad gentes 74, 88, 92b, 92d, 92g, 92h, 92o
Mission (Asia) 88
Mission Congress (International) 56
Mission History 88
Mission (Laity) 46g
Mission Methods 27, 31, 95
Mission Motivation 43, 59, 64, 66, 72i, 84
Mission (New Era) 22
Mission Societies 43, 92o, 98
Mission Societies (Asian) 88
Mission Spirituality 92b, 92u
Mission Theology 50
Mission (Trends/Priorities) 50
Mission (Urgency) 50, 64, 66
Missionaries 7, 72a, 94
Missionary Apostolate 27
Missionary Cooperation 92o
Missionary Formation 28
Modernity 55, 57a, 57e, 82
Modernization 8, 12b, 45, 57g, 72f, 92g
Monogamy 31
Moral Teaching 72-l
Morality 31, 46f, 46l, 57f, 86
Mother Teresa 66
Motherhood 72h
Movements (Church) 79
Muhammad 23, 38
Muslims 23, 31
Mystery 12f
Mystery/Mysterion 61

National Security Regimes 24, 37
Nationalism 86
Neo-liberalism 92r
New Age Movements 72m
"New Age of Mission" 89
New Evangelization 79
NGOs 52, 72c
Non-Christians 67
Non-violence 1, 6, 18, 33d, 33i, 37, 65, 72m, 75, 82
Nuclear Power 51

Openness 91
Oppression 39
Option for the Poor 33d, 63, 68, 73
Original Sin 46j
Orthodoxy 57d
Orthopraxis 14, 16, 30
Our Father 12f

Paradigms (Feminization) 92c
Parish 33c
Parish Council 57d
Parousia 16
Participation 33b, 33c, 33f
Participatory Church 46b, 46e, 57d, 66, 72k, 72m, 92a, 92i, 92t
Paschal Mystery 8, 12f, 15, 16, 32, 36, 41, 46b, 47, 48, 50, 57b, 60, 62, 64, 67, 71, 72d, 79, 81, 84, 89, 92o, 92u
Pastoral Care 46i, 73, 79
Pastoral Cycle 78
Pastoral Ministry 4
Pastoral Planning 52
Pastoral Solutions 33b
Pastoral Spiral Method 52, 69, 95
Patriarchy 46c, 72h
Paul VI 2, 7, 14, 17, 24, 25, 34, 38
Peace 54, 57h, 65, 86
Peace-making 40, 87
Pedagogy 33h, 72k
Pentecostalism 92m
People Power 75
Philippine Church 72d
Philippines 4, 58, 88, 92f, 92q
Philosophy 57f, 92d
Pilgrimage 72g
Plan of Salvation 33e, 48, 94
Pluralism 2, 12c, 14, 33a, 33h, 41, 42, 48, 55, 57e, 64, 92m, 92p, 96
Pneumatology 81
Political Options 9
Political Structures 58
Politics 46h, 58, 63, 68, 93
Pollution 57h
Poor 12a
Popular Movements 57h
Popular Piety 13
Popular Religiosity 12b, 41, 55, 80, 96
Population 72c, 72f, 72i
Population Control 46i
Poverty 8, 18, 19, 30, 33i, 35, 45, 46d, 46h
Power in the Church 33f
Prayer 10, 11, 12a, 12b, 12f, 28, 38, 72a, 72d, 92q
Prayer of the Heart 10
Prayer (Techniques) 13
Prejudice 33f
Priesthood 44, 46b, 46g, 92d, 92e, 92j
Priests 3
Primal Religions 81
Privatization 46-l
Proclamation 59, 64, 74, 92-l, 98
Professionals 92t
Professions 72j
Prophecy 57e, 63, 72e, 92q
Prostitution 53
Psychological Development 46d
Public Life 45
Public Service 46h
Publications 4

Radio 33j
Radio Veritas 28, 46k, 58, 72g, 72-l, 85, 92a
RCIA 57d, 72k, 92k
Reception 77, 91
Reconciliation 36, 48, 54, 97
Redemption 23
Redemptoris Missio 67
Reflection Process 33c
Refugees 70, 92f
Rehabilitation 92e
Relativism 78
Religion 30, 45, 68
Religions 2, 72b
Religions (World) 61
Religiosity 52
Religious Freedom 68
Religious Life 32, 33h, 72i
Renewal 20, 33c, 83, 91, 93, 95
Revelation 33e, 92a
Revival (Religious) 92m
Revivalism 57g
"Rootedness" 57c

Sabbatical Leave 92e
Sacrament of Salvation 16, 17, 19, 50, 59, 67
Saints 12c, 12e
Salvation 25, 33d, 33e, 43, 49, 50, 62, 92k
Schools 12c
Science 51
Scripture 72d, 81, 91
Seafarers 73
Secularism 33h
Secularity 44, 46a
Secularization 17, 46g, 57e
Seeds of the Word 15, 18, 67
Seminary 12d, 13, 33h, 72k
Seminary Curriculum 92d
Sensus Fidelium 33b, 56
Servant Church 92b
Service 12e
Sex Education 46i
Sexism 46c, 72h
Sexuality 53
Siddharta Gautama 5
Signs of the Times 6, 13, 17, 21, 33f, 41, 56, 57g, 72h, 87, 90, 96
Silence 13, 20, 30
Sin 75
Social Action 6, 12a, 24, 33e, 39, 52
Social Advocacy 87
Social Analysis 37, 39, 52, 92i
Social Change 55
Social Communications 32, 33j, 46k, 85, 92a
Social Concern 90
Social Justice 65
Social Responsibility 46-l
Social Sin 6
Social Systems 1
Social Teaching 1, 12a, 37, 57a, 57f, 58, 65, 72c, 72j, 92d, 92f, 92r, 92t, 98
Social Transformation 46b, 92r
Society 72b
Society (Typology) 68
Socio-Cultural Processes 55
Solidarity 70, 72i, 73, 83, 92-l
Soteriology 12b
Spiritual Direction 92d
Spiritual Director 21
Spiritual Values 72b
Spirituality 2, 10, 12a, 20, 26, 33k, 35, 44, 57c, 61, 63, 70, 72d, 72m, 75, 90
Spirituality (Lay) 46b, 47
Spiritual-Pastoral Year 92d
Statistics (Asia) 92h
Statistics (India) 46h
Statistics (Migrants) 92f
Statistics (Migration) 73
Statistics (Women) 72h
Statistics (Youth) 46d, 72g
Status (Women) 33g
Sterilization 46f
Stewardship 72e, 72j
Structural Analysis 9
Structural Change 8
Structures (Church) 33g, 56
Student Organizations 4
Students 72g
Suffering 10, 37, 66, 82
"Sustainable Development" 54, 72e
SVD Society 43
Symbol 12f, 92g, 92m, 96
Syncretism 12b, 76

Teaching Ministry 46e
Team Ministry 92e, 92i
Technology 33j, 37, 46j, 51
Television 33j
Terrorism 82
Thailand 88
Theological Method 96
Theological Reflection 52
Theological Studies 92d
Theology of Dialogue 23, 89
Theology of Religions 34, 36, 78
"Third World" 18, 22, 53, 60
Thirst for God 22
Thomas Merton 12a
Tourism 53
Tradition 15
Traditional Religions 80
Transcendence 5, 12e, 57c
Transnational Corporations 53, 54, 72e
Trends (Asian) 56
Tribals 53, 57e, 92g
Trinity 23, 29, 57c, 57e, 61, 71, 99
Triple Dialogue 19, 48, 57b, 59, 64, 69, 72a, 74, 75, 78, 84, 89, 90, 92a, 92k, 92o, 93, 98

Uniqueness (Christ) 19
United Nations 72h
Unity 32, 97
Unity/Diversity 57e, 72d, 92b, 99
Unity (Models) 77
Universalism 61, 78
Universality (Church) 42
Universities 4
Upanishads 11, 76
Ut Unum Sint 92s

Values 38, 92p
Values Formation 92n
Vatican Council II 2, 7, 11, 36, 38, 44, 46a, 46g, 57g, 72e, 77, 81, 91, 92h, 92j
Violence 1, 9, 18, 46j, 57h, 72f, 82, 92c
Violence (Dynamics) 82
Virgin Mary 22, 23, 31, 72d
Vision-Formation 33c
Vocation 12d, 72e
Vocation (Laity) 47

Wages 46-l
Witness 12e, 37
Witness of Life 98
Women 3, 27, 33d, 33g, 40, 46c, 46g, 46k, 57c, 70, 72h, 72i, 73, 92c, 92f
Women (Asian) 47
Women Workers 52
Women’s Movements 92c
Word of God 23
Work 46j
Workers 46-l
Workers’ Organizations 33d
World 12f
World Bank 37
World Communications Day 46k
World Council of Churches 2, 34, 77, 92s, 97
World Religions 12e
World Youth Day 72g, 74
"World-Church" 44
Worship 12f

Youth 12c, 28, 40, 46c, 46d, 47, 72g, 72-l, 85, 92n
Youth Ministry 46d


Pentecost 2001