Changes in Programs

It is with deep sadness that I formally inform you that the East Asian Pastoral Institute (EAPI) will stop offering two of its April – June courses starting 2011. After due consultation and evaluation, the “Lay Discipleship in a Participatory Church” and “Spiritual Direction Workshop” will be canceled and not be part of the official list of programs offered by the EAPI. This will allow the institution to “close down” for longer breaks between the programs. With this change we hope to have a four and half weeks break from May 6–June 5, 2011 and a 1-month break between December 2–January 4,2012. Five practical reasons are listed below for this decision.

  1. We need to allow all regular employees to schedule their annual leaves during the May–June or December breaks.
  2. We need to conduct cleaning, maintenance, and repair, particularly the kitchen and residential areas.
  3. We need to align our schedule with the Loyola schools and other institutions like Institute for Consecrated Life in Asia (ICLA) and Loyola School of Theology (LST).
  4. We need to conduct short capacity-building workshops for personnel and groups associated with EAPI.
  5. We need to respond to the invitation for academic staff to go on vacation-workshops.

The changes are part of a planning process that I have put into place to determine the strategic directions for EAPI. I apologize if your plans may have to change, but hope that you will understand that with new leadership, there is an opportunity to review and reevaluate the mission in the present context. Hence, EAPI is in transition and I ask that you have patience as we try to discern and decide on what is best for the institution and the churches in Asia and the Pacific.

In the meantime, the EAPI continues to offer its regular pastoral courses, "Pastoral Renewal Program"(June–December), “Effective Steward Leadership” (January–March) and “Sabbatical Pilgrimage Experience”. The “Pastoral Management Workshop” and “Social Communications in Pastoral Ministry” will still be offered in April – May 2011. The inclusive dates for these programs for next year academic year are still being finalized and should be out by October 2010. Kindly visit and check our website at for updates and development. As the EAPI continues to review its vision and the ten programs in order to respond more effectively to the needs of the churches in the Asia and Pacific, we ask for your continued cooperation and prayers in our endeavor for renewal of the Church through ongoing-formation and training of lay, religious and clergy.

Sincerely yours in Christ,

Fr. Arthur Leger, SJ